Who might replace Batista in Evolution?

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  1. Apparently Batista is taking time off after Extreme Rules, leaving a spot available in the stable. With Evolution being about the past, present and future, bringing in a young guy makes sense.

    I think it will be Cody Rhodes. It's about time he got a proper push and they are already teasing the split from Goldust. His look is perfect for Evolution too. If they want someone from NXT, Mason Ryan would be the best choice imo.
  2. Alexander Rusev as the rookie in Evolution..... what do you guys think? He's dominant, it would get him away from the squash match marathon he's been in lately.

    Just a random thought.
  3. I don't think Evolution is sticking around. Orton/HHH may still be aligned after Batista goes away, they may not, but "Evolution" will just be a once off at ER IMO.
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    You seen the payback poster? I think their feud with the shield will end at that PPV.
  5. Roman Reigns.
  6. Yo, you guys see how Batista looks in that guardians of the galaxy though? Freaking dope.
  7. There is no such thing as Mason Ryan being the best choice.
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  8. A podcast i listen to had a shout id like charlotte flair. As reading apparently flairs appearing on raw monday night and must be for an evolution clip surely and charlotte would be the evolution of the group genes etc so is still evolving.
  9. I want to say Sheamus. So I am. Sheamus.
  10. You've hipstered that much? Jeez.
  11. Huh? How is that hipstering?
  12. Sheamus is the devil, but a pale one. You know this.
  13. Didn't say I want him in Evolution or that I'm a fan (though I don't mind him too much), I could just see him joining the group for some reason.
  14. Oh. Thought you WANTED to see him in Evolution. I can't think of anything worse.
  15. If they did decide to replace Batista which I don't think they will do then I would have Dean Ambrose turn heel on The Shield and join Evolution 2.0. The idea of Ambrose as a face is yet to settle with me and this could be a way of splitting The Shield. I think this could be great if booked in the right way.
  16. I don't see how he's the worst choice in all honesty, he's an above average worker at least especially in the powerhouse role, has ties to HHH and from a character standpoint it's easy to make it seem logical. If they wished to they could even bring up his past with H from their feud at Mania 26 (was it 26 or 27? I really can't remember.) Sheamus ended up attacking H at ER causing him to be written off for a while, so you could have H wanting to revive that ferocious side of the Celtic Warrior. Say him going soft is the reason for his decline and boom goes the dynamite. It wouldn't be my first choice either but definitely not my last.

    Reigns is getting pretty over as a babyface isn't he? Why try to fight that by turning him heel?

    Rusev does need some direction absolutely but this just seems off to me, like really unnatural for his character.

    Barrett could fit especially given his mini feud with Bryan around Summerslam last year giving it some logic, he's not got the typical big man ripped look but he has the bodyguard aura to him IMO. Have H screw over BVD so Wade wins to sweeten the deal. It'd probably be best for business after all.

    I agree with D'Z on the whole that they won't stick around as Evolution but if they did I don't see too many great choices to join.
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  17. If Batista truly does leave for a little after Extreme Rules, Evolution will split up once again. Seems like a one time novelty act rather than a long-term thing. Why label it Evolution when only 2/4 of the original members are in the group? I get the stable has a unique gimmick that can be recreated, but it still isn't right. Especially considering it was ten years ago.
  18. Mason Ryan so the kiddies don't realise he's actually gone
  19. Someone mentioned before that Evolution this time could have Triple H in the Flair role, Orton in the Triple H role...

    ...yeah that's not happening. Anyway, as a hypothetical way to replace the two younger guys, Seabs was right. Sheamus would be a nice fit. He'd fit the role, fit the Triple H character, and get that desperately needed heel turn to possibly be entertaining again. And after Goldust goes back to NXT to train, being the 4th "Orton" member of Evolution could be a great way to keep Cody's momentum going. Suit-wearing slow-talking Rhodes could be pretty badass.
  20. Slate Randall.
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