Money in the Bank Who "Needs" The Briefcase?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, May 7, 2018.

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    If you had to pick one wrestler for each briefcase that needs to win it so it would help benefit their character and their career, who would you pick and why?

    Also... Who do you think WWE is going to go with?
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  2. Someone with a bank account. You can't have Money in the Bank if you keep your life savings in a ziplock bag beneath your mattress.

    Finn Balor would be a cool winner as well, I guess.
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  3. Sasha needs it most of all them, she needs it badly, just because of who and what she is to the division, I'm just saying.
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  4. Men Elias
    Women Ember Moon or Asuka
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  5. Elias needs it; Braun or Finn might get it.
    Ember Moon needs it; member of the Riott Squad or Alexa might get it.
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  6. For the men's, Finn would be one I'd consider simply because it could be a vehicle for him to turn heel and freshen up his character. But on Smackdown I'd consider Samoa Joe or even The Miz.
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  7. I would say The Miz but he's already won it in the past and that did not end well even him with the briefcase was actually not bad tbh.

    As the women, I don't know....James ellsworth makes a return in drag.
  8. Jane Ellsworth you say?
  9. Miz and Lynch
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  10. I haven't watched RAW, so I'm unsure if they've revealed the competitors?
    This is co-branded right, so is there going to be 4 money in the bank matches, or just superstars from each brand in male and female matches?
    I'll give a superstar for each brand for men and women.

    RAW: Bobby Lashley or Bobby Roode.... (One of the Boobies).
    RAW Womens Division: Ember Moon

    SmackDown: Drew McIntyre
    SmackDown Womens: Asuka
  11. Briefcase wanker
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    Corbin or Balor...(Strowman would also be a good pick)...
    Sasha or Ruby...

    Joe or Bryan...

    I also wouldn't mind Jinder having the case...but honestly
    anyone other than the Plank of Wood & Alexa Bitch & I'll
    be happy.
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  13. Men: Finn, Joe, or Byran (Reality it will be Bobby, Braun, or Roman)
    Women: Becky, Asuka, or Ember (Reality it will be Alexia, Naomi, or someone else)
  14. I'm kinda over MITB right now. I'd rather them get the top of the card right naturally right now, and just take time...

    I'd like to see Seth up there but you can announce Seth vs Lesnar tomorrow... Oh right IC title. Effing midcard belts.

    Anyway I can just see it being someone with a storyline cash-in ready to turn them heel (Bobby Roode getting a cheap win, Randy Orton winning via sadistic attack) or Finn Balor can possibly win it to get him back in the title scene without having to announce Finn vs Brock.
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  15. Bayley or Ruby Riott

    The feud with Alexa last year almost killed Bayley's career, and her bestfriend apparently doesn't care and is trying to put the nail in the coffin.. Bayley needs to get away from Sasha and move on to bigger and better things. The kids still love her and she's a great performer... Ruby has a ton of potential and winning the briefcase will be an added boost... I would like to see Becky win, but she doesn't need it to get to the next level, i think she can do it on her own.

    Bobby Roode or Sami Zayn

    Roode it will be a great way for him to turn heel. This babyface run is doing him no favors and Zayn has been a fantastic heel, would love to see him become World Champion at least once.

    I'm judging based on who needs it to get to the main-event scene, guys like Bryan and Joe don't need it to get to the main-event. They can get there without it in a matter of weeks.
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  16. :boohoo:I think Balor is going to get it and hes going to cash in and fail to win

  17. It's two ladder matches, one male and one female. There will be 8 participants of each, four from Raw and four from Smackdown.

    As far as who needs it... I agree with Snowman. I'm over the whole MITB thing. It's a cheap way to get a title and especially in this past year, it seems to be more of a liability to the company and to writing stories than it is a strength. No matter who you book to be champion, you have this looming MITB briefcase holder over every decision. Plus when we do have a briefcase holder, we get constant teases at cash ins and I find those annoying. If they want to continue doing it, give the winners the title match at Summerslam. The anytime cash in, I feel should end.
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  18. You mean Deonna Purrazzo? :emoji_heart_eyes:
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  19. Probably Balor or Rusev for guys. Balor needs an extra push to get him back in the world title scene, and the same goes for Rusev.

    Women, I would go with ember moon or becky lynch.
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  20. Give me the Briefcase. I'll choke Lesnar out in a pillow fight for the strawberry fruit roll-up belt.