Royal Rumble Who needs the rumble the most?

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  1. Rumbles don't just need to be about who wins it (Punk's epic rumble comes to mind), but the winner pretty much dominates the headline and normally has a major push behind them. Which character do you think needs it the most, or could benefit the most? I hear many Bryan rumours and I think having him as the firm favourite is good money, but is there any underdogs? Do you think Sheamful returning is likely, and if so, does he have a chance?

  2. Two people need it imo right now Bryan and DZ!
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  3. I think DB or Punk will win (Batista being the other candidate), but the two I want to see make a big impression would be Ziggler (Classic #1 or #2 entrant who lasts super long, until say the final 5 or so) and Reigns (Spearing and eliminating a string of solid guys)

    Its an easy way to continue progressing the Reigns' dominance and hopefully can gain DZ some footing so he has a fighting chance to unbury himself.
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  4. Daniel Bryan could obviously use it more than anyone else at the moment. Punk and Bryan both technically make sense, but it wasn't even a full year ago yet that Punk's 434 day title reign was still going, whereas Bryan hasn't even held the WWE Title for more than a day at this point. So I'll take Bryan winning over Punk. Plus, if Bryan enters at #1 and wins, then he can tell Shawn Michaels personally that he's now accomplished something that his mentor once did, and now he's ready to have his own "boyhood dream" come true by winning the title in the main event of Wrestlemania.
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    I think Ziggler needs it the most on the roster, he has been getting the raw end of the deal for some time now.
  6. FINALLY, someone else who doesn't think DB will win the rumble. We are few and far between my man.
  7. I want him too, but doubt it.
  8. I'm not against it, per say, but there are others who have been mentioned who I think are more likely to win it, Batista or Reigns for example. Hell I wouldn't even be surprised if it was Jericho so he could challenge as the first undisputed champ.
    Is Brock in the Rumble? Has he been in it before and if so did he win?
  9. Yeah, I said Batista or Reigns as well. Have a feeling we are right. I don't think Brock is in the rumble, he already gets his title shot at EC.
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  10. Punk is more likely IMO
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  11. If Bryan and the Wyatts is a long-term angle, as I suspect it may be after monday's RAW, and Bryan v Bray Wyatt is set for Mania, then obviously he won't win it.

    It's between Punk and Batista. I hope Punk wins it.
  12. Ugh. I'll be rooting my ass off against him (for anyone else. Khali, Cena, dgaf) but I think he will take it sadly.
  13. Meh, Batista's already won a rumble and returning a week before and winning it again would be lame. Give it to Punk.
  14. Brock would be ideal IMO. Have him cut another promo during the go homo show about how he is above the Rumble, HHH comes out and says he doesn't think Brock getting a free title shot is best for business, and leave it up in the air like they don't know if he will or won't enter. Then he comes in 30th and cleans out the ring quickly for the win.

    Reigns would be better. DB would be better, but next year seems more likely.

    I just don't want to see Punk's faggot ass winning
  15. I agree, why does Brock just get a free title shot? Earn one big man. Same goes for Batista when he gets back.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Yeah yeah, guess I didn't realize Mark Henry was in the running for #1 contender ATM. But still impressive. But that yell after the spear I think it was. :awyeah: The lol'ing at it killed all my awe in his performance TBH.
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  18. omg dude I laughed my ASS off at the yell. You know what it reminded me of?

    Prepare for the LOL
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  19. lol he gives a look like 'wait, this isn' the sound I was anticipating coming out'
  20. All the same, I wouldn't criticize the way Brock Lesnar yells anywhere near where he could hear it. That's fuckin' Brock Lesnar. He's a big crazy mashed-potato head redneck who was UFC champion.