Who needs to retire already?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 12, 2015.

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  1. I can think of a handful of wrestlers who should retire and could have a few years or more back. The one who I don't get why he keeps going is the Undertaker, don't get me wrong, he is good but damn is he an old bag. lol I was always a huge fan but it just hurts to see him wrestle anymore.
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  2. Would have to say the guys that seem like they're retired, but aren't.

    Triple H, The Rock and Christian. I would say Daniel Bryan, but I think he has a few good years left in him.
  3. Kane and Big Show. Sad thing is they're literally the last giants of the company.
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  4. The Undertaker, Sting, Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, and Christian. All sometime within the next two or three years, tops.

    The Undertaker capping off his twenty-five years in the company by hanging them up after next year's Wrestlemania would be a fitting end to his storied career, and 32 being Taker's "last ride" would a good selling point (one of them, anyway) for the huge event they want next year's Mania to be. Mark Henry has already talked about retiring next year. Sting may never wrestle again as it is. Christian already feels unofficially retired, since he hasn't wrestled a match in nearly two years and the the 2014 Elimination Chamber was the last time I can remember seeing him step in the ring. Kane and Big Show speak for themselves.
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  5. Well, Henry and Taker will likely be retiring next year.

    Other than those two, Kane and Show, please.
  6. They can find more. Look at strowman
  7. Kane and show. Taker.
  8. I forgot about Big Show... Likely because he is just slow and annoying to watch anymore. lol He should have retired like 5 years ago.
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  9. Daniel Bryan? He's been wrestling for what like 16 years now? KO has been wrestling for like 15... SHOUKD he retire?
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  10. He is 34. John Cena is 38 (holy crap). I can see JC retiring before DB. And let me go back again and say, holy crap, John Cena is getting old! lol I didn't know he was pushing 30, thought he was like 35.
  11. Not going off years, if you haven't noticed.
  12. Then what age?
  13. He's pushing 40, actually. :ko:
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  14. Oh gawd lol I need more sleep I meant 40 lol
  15. Going for the cheap pop, i see. :really:
  16. It's about their activity in the ring.
  17. tl;dr:pipebomb:
  18. [​IMG]
    I actually did read it, and it sounded more like a preppy Aids' post than anything else, tbh.
  19. Oh well then that's worse. DB is great in the ring. Just had a stoke of bad luck injuries.
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  20. No wrestler should ever consider retiring as young as 34 (or even 38) unless A. They've lost their passion for pro wrestling, or B. They have a serious injuries forcing them to reconsider whether it's a wise move to continue wrestling or not. It isn't a real sport, the overwhelming majority of wrestlers can easily still go until they're in their mid/late-40's barring any serious injuries.

    Shawn Michaels was out with a serious back injury for four and a half years and people doubted he would ever be able to wrestle again. There were even rumors that doing something as simple as an arm drag on his students as his wrestling academy put him in great pain. Yet he returned and wrestled for eight more years, retiring only when he felt it was time to hang it up. He even had one of the most universally praised matches of his career exactly one year before his retirement.
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