Who on here like the Green Bay Packers?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Who on here like the Green Bay Packers?


    I just wonder if anyone here favorites team was the packers team too?

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  2. Packers are overrated.
  3. #NotIntoAmericanFootball
  4. [​IMG]

    Because the logo looks boss.
  5. I like Aaron Rodgers or else I the the packs. Bears FTW! But now thy suck more than ever.

    That were not so good when we told there George Halas Trophy Last in the NFC Champion now were that?

  7. Easy schedule, that's the reason for their 2011 record. Next season they'll have a harder schedule, they'll have to face my Giants at home, the Niners, the Saints, and the Texans.

    Good luck.
  8. Real football ftw.

    Manchester United.
  9. WTF?
  10. Manchester United are a real football team. Not padded rugby.

  11. [​IMG]

  12. I LOL'D like no other seeing that pic

  13. You mean soccer, correct?
  14. The phrase soccer makes me hate you with the burning power of a thousand suns, sorry.
  15. Soccer? SOCCER?


  16. Rugby is not Football or Soccer it is close to Football but it not Football. But since this is a worldwide site I will now use NFLFootball since this site go outside of the USA and I don't know that people on here know what NFLFootball is? NFLFootball is Football in the USA and Real Football is called Soccer here in the USA so some made not know what I am talking about sorry to please that don't understand.

  17. Here in the US, everyone, even the best soccer players refer to the sport as 'soccer'.

    Football is American football here.
  18. Soccer is what we call your Football in the USA! Sorry I did not make the rule here in the USA I don't goes it either? I think are football should be call Runball saying we rune most of the time or Catchball since the QB threw ball all the dam time.But but are Football is different then the Football/Soccer is different then the Football I was talking about.
  19. Lol I know what it is bro, I'm messing.

    I hate that you call it football but can live with it, as long as we don't get corrected when we call "soccer" the correct name, "football", since it's not just a UK thing, it's global. Everyone else calls your version "American Football" :emoji_slight_smile:

    Still, rugby with pads. :wink:
  20. I don't why either I call USA Football Football b/c I live he. But I know the truth that Football outside of the USA. Football is what we call Soccer idk? As much of all the thing about "USA Football" That the 1 thing I REALLY want know is who fuck up when that made are Football he in the USA back in 1920 and said were going call it Football even though that is another Football outside of the USA. And then said that Football outside of the USA is not Football will call it Soccer! IDK why? and I am huge FANS of USA Football but that is the 1 thing I an against b/c that did steal the name from the Real Football and change it to Soccer here in the USA and tech is us like are football is the real and that the Real Football your football is Soccer which I think is BS and is WORNG.
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