Who on NXT has the best look?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. Simple discussion. Who on the NXT roster (active and people who haven't made a TV debut yet) has the best look going for him/her? Feel free to mention multiples and give some kind of explanation for your thoughts. Discussion is great and fun and such.

    Gotta go with former indy star Shaun Richer, now known as Slate Randall (hopefully that name is changed).
    Just look at the dude. He has that main event look, he looks like a top player. And the dude can cut it on the microphone as well which is a plus in the WWE. And he comes with some good recommendations. He used to be managed by Paul fucking Bearer in championship wrestling from Hollywood. And the Rock was a fan of him on the Hero (he competed).

    Another dude with a good look is Kalisto.
    Formerly known as Samuray Del Sol on the independents. This dude is a great luchador working out of Chicago (so he actually speaks English, take that Cara). He has that just right underdog size and a mask that I think can sell like hotcakes (the mask in the image is his indy mask, but the WWE one isn't much different).

    Who in your opinion has that great look? Either in general or that just enhances their character.
  2. Kalisto has all the tools! including the look, to take over the masked mantle from Mysterio. Dude can do it all, can't wait to see him on the main roster.
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  3. Kalisto`s look is a BEAST, can`t wait to see him on the main roster
  4. Emma. :gusta:

    But seriously, while he's still pretty green, one of the main reasons Conor is so effective as a big man is because he has this incredibly intimidating don't-fuck-with-me look + the athletic ability. And GN keeps raving about how seeing Conor on TV really doesn't do him justice, dude's scary as hell in person.
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  5. Was actually thinking of Shaun Ricker when I was watching those promo classes the other week, he looks phenomenal. Tyler Breeze looks aight I guess too.
  6. Adrian Neville - no homo
  7. Sylvester Lefort has a pretty good look for a manager.
  8. Xavier Woods, because he reminds me of Queen Chrysalis and that's a good thing! Afro's are cool and need to come back on TV.
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  9. Sami Zayn , Adrian Neville and Corey Graves
  10. Lefort is a damn boss with his Macho Man looks.

    Kruger has this made look for me. Dude looks solid, and sells it like it's the realest thing on earth.
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  11. Leo Kruger, Sami Zayn, and Conor O'Brian have the best looks in NXT right now.

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  12. With my basic level of knowledge, I'd say Zayn obviously and Conor. Two completely different characters and different looks, but both have great looks for their personalities, etc. Zayn has a good build for a face, while Conor is very intimidating and makes for a great heel.

    He is. :shock: He definitely got my attention when he showed up, towering out to the ring. That was before I was watching NXT much so quickly pulled it up on my phone while there to see who he was. I was a fan immediately. Plus picture a dude of his stature stepping in the ring with Ryder, because that's the match he was in then. Like you said, he carries the whole "don't-fuck-with-me" look and attitude incredibly well. I think he's got an excellent look for the sport and company.
  13. He is intimidating to look at. But I think his threatening delivery needs some work. There was an episode when he and Victor attacked Graves backstage and as he was about to drop a piece of set on top of Graves he said "Stay down Graves!" in a way that was more Dick Dastardly than dark monster.
  14. I love Generico as much as the next dude, but Zayn having the best look in NXT? He just looks like another dude you'd pass on the streets. You can say that adds to his appeal, but if we are talking about 'look' in the traditional sense of the wrestling term, Zayn doesn't have the look at all.
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  15. This. Zayn's look is great for the everyman/underdog aspect. He doesn't have a golden traditional wrestling look per say.

    I love Zayn and want to see him succeed. But Dolph's hit on something that is true.
  16. I think Leo Kruger has a good character going and he plays it really well. And both members of the Ascension have a good look IMO. I've said it before, just the name Rick Victor to me is damn cool. Put him next to Conor O'Brian and DAMN.

    I would actually kind of like to see a Fandango vs. Tyler Breeze match just to see how the characters play off each other, seeing that they are both so narcissistic.
  17. I think that Adrian Neville looks pretty good but not as good as Bo Dallas. But the person who has the look? I'm going to have to say Enzo Amore. He's so god damn original.
  18. Thats true. Him and his partner there are really entertaining.

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  20. To an extent I agree. But for me that all goes back to what people mean when they say "the look." Do we mean just big buff and tough dudes? If so then yeah, Zayn wouldn't fit. But then to me Kalisto / Del Sol doesn't fit that description either. I have no problem admitting that I'm at the low end of the knowledge scale when it comes to "the look" and fantasy booking, because I haven't been a fan that long. For me, Zayn has that look as far as good high flyers and such go. Yeah he's not big, buff and tough -- like Conor for instance -- but for me that does add to his appeal, as you said, and still adds to the overall look from the standpoint of, "OK, so he doesn't fit the standard 'look' of a big chiseled wrestler, but he has the build for a more agile, quick, high-flying wrestler." Not arguing, because like I said, I do agree to an extent. But that's why I named Conor and Zayn, for me personally, as being two different ends of the spectrum when it comes to "the look" -- one to fit the more standard definition of the look of a wrestler, and one to fit the different definition of a more agile wrestler.

    Also, if I pass a dude that looks like Sami on the streets, I'll cream my panties. :gusta:
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