Who on NXT is ready to be called up?

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  1. Pretty easy concept here. Out of the guys on NXT right now, who is ready to be called up?

    The obvious guys are Ohno and Wyatt. They have been down there a while now and are both skilled at both talking and wrestling. They can both be big things.

    Neville is also somewhat ready in my book. His ring work is ridiculously solid, best high flyer in the world right now. His talking has also surprised me since he is nowhere near as bad as I thought he would be. He could still use some work on it but he gets his point across. Plus he is over.

    Graves is also almost ready. He could use some more fine tuning but there's is not much left to be tuned on him. He is solid overall and he is over. Fine tune Graves and have him debut between Summerslam and Survivor series.

    Kruger is like Graves, almost ready. A bit more fine tuning and then send him up around the same time as Graves.

    Harper is also ready. He and Rowan should show up around the same time as Wyatt since the cult leader needs his followers. Rowan might need some more work but that's why you stick him with Harper who can help him. They can also be sent to Florida for the NXT tapings to keep being tuned if needed.

    Paige is also ready in my opinion but she is too young. There seems to be an unwritten rule now that you have to be 21 to be on the Main roster so we likely won't see Paige on the main roster before August 17.

    Who are main roster ready or almost ready according to you?
  2. Itt we establish Senhor has a thing for me :gusta:

    Anyway I'll say Regal for Raw commentary because well

  3. Duh :datass:
  4. I have some pics on my computer at work for a partner pic to the I agree with Softspot one. I agree with shobs will be born on Monday :gusta:
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  5. Nice! :happy:
  7. Umm... NXT is still going on. :facepalm:
  8. it was cannel 2 years ago.
  9. You're a fucking loser. Get out of here.
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  10. it have not been tv for 2 years! b/c it got no raing!
  11. The fucking show is still going on even though it's not on TV, you absolute moron.
  12. :pipebomb:


  13. It's on TV in 60 countries, just not America and is a big ratings drawer.
  14. Here is a recent episode on Hulu. http://www.hulu.com/watch/469701#i0,p145,d0 It's just a developmental program now. So everybody calm down.
  15. So, I think Kassius Ohno and El Generico should be bumped up to the main roster. What do you think
  16. Already is a fresh thread on this topic. I merged yours into it.
  17. Damn it
  18. To answer your poll which didn't carry over. Ohno should definitely head up soon. Generico/Zayn needs to spend time in NXT. Develop the Zayn character and pay his WWE dues. Something all new wrestlers must do.
  19. Ohno needs to prove he isn't going to be a complacent douche when he isn't in an interesting angle before he's called up imo. I love Hero but prior to this Regal feud he was dull imo, Bray and Harper are more pressing concerns.
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