Who on the current roster would have been successful in the Attitude Era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Simple question, out of the current superstars in today's WWE, who would have made it as a successful character in the Attitude Era? Yes you can change their gimmick. And by successful I mean relevant, whether it's main event or midcard.
  2. John Cena whenever he actually tries to be adult and not give boring and/or childish promos. (Don't know about any of his recent ones, because I haven't watched the shows in awhile.) His Thuganomics character would have especially fit in just right.

    Randy Orton with his Viper gimmick - especially during his awesome heel run in 2009 - would have fit in. Orton and Austin would have made a great personal feud, if it was anything as personal as it was between Orton and Triple H.

    CM Punk likely would have fit in as well. I can imagine the Straight Edge Society being a group in the AE, and I can also imagine modern day Punk existing then as well.
  3. DR Shelby!!!!
  4. Kofi Kingston if you make him a jamaican stoner. That shit'd be hilarious.
  5. Sandow would have been the leader of Right to Censor. :lol1:
  6. John Cena(thuganomics stuff), CM Punk(current), Beth Phoenix(current), Eve(adviser gimmick), Evan Bourne(midcard), and Dolph Ziggler.
  7. CM Punk and Stone Cold woulda been an epic feud.
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