Who on the current roster....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Could make one of the more larger than life gimmicks work? I've seen plenty of people complain that gimmicks seem to be a lost art in the WWE but it takes a special talent to make something so much larger than life work. Rhodes has proven he can make something work with his whole demented mask gimmick but who else?
  2. I believe Dolph Ziggler can if given a totally different gimmick. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, And of course John Cena. Randy kind of can but no one else really.
  3. Not sure if Dolph can to be honest, no offence to the guy.

    Alex Riley
    The Miz
    Sheamus (Yes, I know I dislike him atm, but he could play a SCSA role well)
    Hawkind & Reks for a tag-team gimmick.

    Those are the names that come up at the moment. I'm sure the likes of Ambrose could make a psychotic gimmick work, it depends what you mean by "larger than life". But those can easily withold unique original gimmicks due to their mic ability (and in Sheamus' case his look).
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