Who replaces DeMott?

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  1. With the recent news of Bill DeMott being a horrible human being (see this thread for more on this) and his resignation from WWE, who do you think takes his position as head trainer?

    WWE has a plethora of people to chose from, both from in and out of house so to speak.

    Current trainers that could be promoted:
    William Regal
    Norman Smiley
    Robbie Brookside
    Ricky Steamboat
    Billy Gunn
    Sara Del Ray (unlikely considering she's a woman and we all know how WWE handles women).
    Adam Pearce

    Other guys under WWE contract:
    Dave "fit as fuck" Finlay
    Dean Malenko
    Joey Mercury
    Jamie Noble

    People not under contract but under the WWE umbrella:
    Lance Storm
    Scott Hall (if he is clean enough)

    Dr. Tom Pritchard (arguably the greatest WWE trainer of all time who got replaced by DeMott after DeMott got fired for this exact shit back when he ran Deep South).
    Tommy Dreamer (Affiliated to TNA).
    Samoa Joe (longshot).

    Who do you see WWE making the new head trainer at the PC?
  2. Whoever trained Sasha Banks.
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  3. Death Ray it is then.

    I'd be all for an Arn Anderson run as head trainer.
    You wanna do it old school, get someone who actually is.
  4. Billy Gunn is head trainer. I believe DeMott was strength and conditioning. I don't know that AA is up for that physically. He's a great mentor, but doesn't that role require a physical hands-on approach?
  5. Nope. DeMott was head trainer.
    Gunn was just a trainer.
  6. According to Bryan Alvarez (the observer), DeMott has not quit WWE all together, but been given an office job (presumably in Stamford then). And the most likely replacement from in house is Tensai.
  7. Have Nick Dinsmore left? He should at least be on the list if he's still there. I'm not saying he should be head trainer though, just that he should be on the list if he's still there. Regal or Steamboat feels like good choices to be head trainers.
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  8. Dinsmore left in like September/Oktober.
  9. Ah, okey!
  10. Steamboat sounds alright.
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  11. Steamboat wins all. Just watched that Iron Man with Rude @ Beach Blast 92. Fuckin sweet match
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  12. Anyone would be a better option than Bill DeshitMott. My pick would be Steamboat, though.
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  13. Was just listening to some podcast this week. Can't remember who, they all kind of jumble together. Anyway this guy was mentioning to either Jericho or Austin how he saw Flair and Steamboat lock up randomly before a show in WWE.

    I remember, it was Hurricane Helms. He saw Flair & Ric about 5-6 years ago get in the ring and just go through about 1-2 minutes of whatever. He said even at 55 years old in front of nobody expect the boys that it was pure magic. I believe it.

    I saw Ric live twice. Once at Starrcade 98 against Bischoff. Unmemorable.

    Second time was in 06 at a Raw against Carlito of all people. I was relatively sober too for a live event, and all I remember really is Ric's aura. It was some Rick James / Charlie Murphy shit. He just has that presence. The match wasn't special in and of itself, but it was because of Ric and how he carries himself. His presentation was still so flawless.

    Back to Steamboat & the topic. Ricky would be a phenomenal choice. Maybe it's not the best role for him personally. It sounds like he's doing wonders as it is.

    I love realizing that Steamboat is totally giving advice to Charlotte.

    That's a beautiful thing.
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  14. Tensai is officially the interim head coach as per Pwinsider.
  15. Hopefully that means he'll be done with commentary now. Now all we need is to get rid of that Michael Cole imposter.
  16. Rich? He's good. No reason to get rid of him
  17. I find him to be extremely annoying. Just personal preferences I guess.
  18. I enjoy Rich. Don't think Tensai is leaving the booth though, considering the tapings are very far apart.
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