Who should be called up from NXT?

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  1. I just got hulu and have started watching NXT. I seem to really like The Ascension tag team, as well as Sami Zayn and Kassius Ohno. Will any of them be on RAW/Smackdown soon? And will anybody debut anytime in the near future?
  2. This might be unpopular, but I don't think they should call anybody up for the next few months. I think WWE has plenty of talent they don't know what to do with right now and that needs to change before they start adding people to the main roster.

    Having said that, I would expect Sami Zayn, Kassius Ohno, or Bo Dallas to be the next singles star to come up or the Ascension to come up as a team.

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  3. I'm going to sound like a total pig, but Paige so I can be turned on for 5 mins.
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  4. She has some nice shots on her twittah.

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  5. Well well well, hopefully we are in for a treat.
  6. No.

    Ohno has had enough time, Accession maybe and Zayn has been working a lot of live events and dark matches also he was in ads for the over seas tour for UAE, Good signs for him.
  7. The Ascension....Call them up to the Tag Division....They're a Strong Team and would add something new to the Division.
    Zayn and Dallas are the most likely to get call ups soon though and well....You can see why. Zayn Puts in Great Performances on NXT and Dallas....Well, He's just plain, Hate able, Bo Dallas.....
    I'd also like to see Adrian Neville or Corey Graves get called up once their feud is over with....Maybe end it with the winner being promoted to the main roster?
    And then there's Tyler Breeze.....I say give him some more time to develop that character on NXT then Promote him because he's got a awesome gimmick that works for him at the moment and if it develops more and he improves on certain areas then I can see him winning a mid card title in the future....
  8. Basically the guys touring with the main roster now:
    Breeze - done some tour and got rave reviews for his work.
    Dallas - with the right re-introduction his new gimmick can equal money. Anyone put against him will be a major face.
    Zayn - Just plain likeable.
  9. I agree that the roster is cluttered enough without adding more, but I'd love to see Paige or Bo. Zayn as well, but Zayn...Zayan should only be called up when they can devote storyline to him, he's too good to be wasted.
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  10. Fuck Ohno he doesnt want to get into shape from missing gym sessions. Paige has passion for the business from wrestling at the age of 13 she is so ready
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  11. Evidence to support that except a report from months ago? What about Ohno? He has been working his ass off for years in the indies because of his passion for the business.
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  12. Paige has the tools and the drive!! 2nd women's IC Champ, anyone?
  13. She will defeat the streak brother :hogan:
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  15. Imho, no one right now.

    The roster is jam packed and there are a lot of superstars who aren't even used..
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