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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by @bigwwecritic, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Theres no doubt that the WWE/ WWF is considered the major leagues of the Professional Wresting business. With that being said, who do you think is the one person that has spent there career else where and never wrestled for the WWE/ WWF but SHOULD'VE. This goes for superstars in TNA, WCW, ECW or even companies in Mexico and japan.

    I'm going with AJ STYLES
  2. Sting and Kurt Angle
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  3. He could be a legend in the WWE.
  4. Hayabusa maybe, could have done what Ultimo Dragon did and have a run himself in the WWE, but of course his neck break and subsequent paralysis meant it was impossible....
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    Damn right. Aries and Roode would be superstars in WWE. Gunner and Magnus seem like standouts too.

    I'll throw out Jeff Hardy who was infinitely cooler in WWE than he is in TNA... although not sure how he'd fit in in 2014
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  6. If him and Matt came back they would run the Tag Team division and probably go over pretty well with the WWE universe. Solo, he'd probably have a following but idk it could be questionable.
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  7. Aries would run for IC longest reign make it super relevant and then drop it and then become World Champ. I really think he would be best for business, also if punk was around when Aries was there I can see them feuding instantly.

    Best in the World vs Greatest Man Alive

    Or they could form one of the greatest tag teams known to the 21st century as
    The Greatest Men Alive in the World
  8. As previously mentioned, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, and Magnus would all be big stars on the WWE stage. Aries would shine brightest though.
  9. [​IMG]

    Plus a guy they are actively pursuing.
  10. WWE are interested in Devitt? interesting
  11. I read multiple reports on it in late 2013. He was one of the guys Triple H was headhunting. Regal apparently showed him this match:

    It resulted in PAC getting signed but they are still hunting for Devitt if all this is true.
  12. I'm kinda new to TNA. Which is one of the best matches Austin Aries was in. i need to look at him on YOUTUBE.
  13. His world title match with Bobby Roode was good. As was his X-division title match with Alex Shelley.
  14. Aries doesn't put on bad matches so just pick some
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  15. X-Division Match V. Shelley was one of my favorite Aries moments.
    But it's like D'Z said.. Aries doesn't put on bad matches, that guy is a bonafide superstar.

    Edit: I think the WWE should go for the Black Machismo. He'd be legen.. wait for it.. not dary! Haha I just always wanted to see Mr. Lethal in the WWE.
  16. The first TNA match I ever watched was Aries vs Joe at Slammiversary (I think) and it was brilliant.
  17. AJ Styles worked for WWF/E in 2001 along with Samoa Joe, they were frequent competitors on Jakked in 2001
  18. They were there for a cup of coffee basically. They weren't under contract.
  19. Did Vince put his "Irish creme" in the coffee? If so, worth it.
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