Who should be running the league?

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Solidus, Jul 31, 2016.

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  1. TheFrostyBlur

  2. TheFrostyBlur, with additional help

  3. Anyone but you, Frosty

  1. After receiving some complaints about the state of this league, I'm here to ask you all who should be running the league.
    I don't know if leadership is the problem or something else, but this is how we find out.
    I'm not here to simply replace Frosty, but my best interests are with everyone involved and I want this league to work, so I will do whatever it takes.

    Answer the poll and post additional thoughts below.
    And please, don't fight among each other. You all want this league to work, so work together on this.
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    After the initial complains of Frosty being in charge when the league first started, everything smoothed over and the league has been running well since. I honestly thought we were past trying to kick Frosty out, and if people have thought there was problems, nothing has been mentioned within the league section.
    I see nothing wrong with Frosty staying in charge.
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  3. Do you play in this league?
  4. Yes, every week whilst also running and taking part in the xbox league.
  5. I just want to know who the fuck has complained about the league. It's been running smoothly, and Frosty has been doing his job extremely well. Everyone involved is active, and we are putting out good promos and matches. I'm almost positive most of the people in the league can agree with me on this.
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  6. Alright. He doesn't need any help at all, in your opinion?

    I won't say. I just have to at least get opinions on it, because I don't follow these leagues at all. This is the only way I know if complaints are valid.
  7. I've been party helping him out when he's needed it, but I think he's doing a fine job on his own.
  8. I've a tried history of royally hating some of the GM's of the TWF league, but as for Frosty. IMO he's been doing great. All I can say about it really.
  9. I voted for someone new and let me explain why. The most fun I had in the league was back late in the 2K15 league. That was, on paper, being run by Mogel but behind the scenes was run by Sam and myself. And just before the league ended, we were gonna take over. I personally feel like that's the best the league had been since the fiasco's involving GMs. I know when it was me and Admin it wasn't perfect, but I feel like if Sam and I came back it would be absolutely perfect.

    So yeah, if Frosty wins this by a landslide I guess it's just me haha
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  10. Yeah he's been doing well since I came back. Atleast he's trying to make storylines and actually do something with the league... Which can't be said for the past gms of the 2k15 and 16 league.
  11. So you're voting for yourself to run the league?
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  12. nah, i'm voting for not frosty or frosty with help. i mean if frosty gets voted out then i'd throw my name in along with anyone else. but it seems to be just me and a couple others i guess
  13. It's me...

    It's not me.

    No GM will ever be better than me.

    This is all unnecessary, it just seems like somebody doesn't like Frosty and doesn't want him in an authoritative position.
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  14. Wuz I 1 of dem bby?
  15. You were the teddy long of single matches.
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  16. YES YOU ARE! You were unfair to my best buddy Indy! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I thought you did fine.
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  17. @Harrison you goddamn faggot
  18. I'm not in the PS4 league, however I have kept my eyes on it while in the XBox league(s) on here and TWF (R.I.P in Pieces). The PS4 league(s) have always had issues ranging from major to very minor. With that said, observing the PS4 League this year as an outsider, it appears to be in the best state it has ever been in under the guidance/leadership of @TheFrostyBlur. My opinion doesn't matter much in these parts, I just wanted to give my two cents.
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  19. LOL! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. this came out of nowhere haha
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