Who should be the cover superstar? WWE2K16

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Lackin, May 1, 2015.

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  1. Well it's a constant question for some people when the Trailers start dropping for the new installment of the WWE Game franchise.
    Who should be on the cover of WWE 2K16?
    My personal opinion is that the coverstar should be a star who main evented that years WM.
  2. Rollins or Reigns.
  3. Rollins and Reigns Together. Wouldn't mind having Brock Lesnar on the cover as he did hold the title for the longest time since 2k15's release. (Obviously)

    Rollins, Reigns and Brock on the cover.
    In what order though? Brock would be in the middle i think, but seth should be.
  4. Either Rollins, Reigns or Lesnar. I don't see anyone else being on the cover, to be honest.
  5. Lesnar for sure
  6. Whoever is the WWEWHC around the time the next installment comes, so Rollins.
  7. I'd bet money on either Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar gracing the cover this year. They make the most sense if we assume WWE won't use someone's image twice (John Cena, The Rock, Randy Orton) or that they won't use Daniel Bryan's likeness for the obvious reasons.

    I'd consider Seth Rollins as a dark horse candidate for getting the honor. It's easy to envision The Authority unveiling the photo of him on the cover sometime in the Summer and congratulating him over it, especially since this would be around the time Lesnar is returning for his match with Seth at Summerslam, and who can't imagine Heyman telling Seth that it's a good thing he's already posed for the photo for the video game before his match with Brock, because he'll be less than photogenic after the match with him is over.
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  8. Should be - Rollins
    Will be - Reigns
  9. Personally, I think it should be Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins.
  10. Stephanie Mcmahon.
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