Who should be the next to be called up?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Who should be the next guy/guys/girl from NXT to be sent to the main roster? Discuss and debate in here.

    In my opinion it should be either Kruger or Ohno or both (one on RAW and one on Smackdown even without the brand split). Ohno is main roster ready and has been since he arrived in NXT and Kruger's psycho poacher gimmick has helped him tons. His moveset is much more complimentary now and covers his flaws. Kruger just needs a voice and he will do just fine on the main roster whilst Ohno is knocking people out.

    Who do you think?
  2. Ohno is a great call indeed. I enjoy Kruger's new gimmick, yeah, if he can get a mouthpiece it'd help him get there. Wyatt is also up there I think.
  3. Definitely Ohno. He has the mic skills and ring skills to go up against anyone on the main roster.
  4. Haven't seen any of Kruger but from how you describe him it sounds like Ambrose. IMO Hero should be next to be called up.
  5. There are differences between them. Ambrose is verbal and psychotic, whilst Kruger is deranged and a hunter. He doesn't speak much but hunts and stalks people. Think Kraven from spider-Man.
  6. Picking Paige. Really interested in what she could do for the Diva's division.
  7. Nice shout, I also want to see her in the main roster ASAP.
  8. Paige , ohno , Curtis ?
  9. Agreed on Curtis. He'll come soon.

  10. Clay vs fandango , feud for Naomi and Cameron , (clay turns heel an quits dancing :pity:)
  11. :lol1: Could work out.
  12. Paige should be next
  13. Johnny Curtis sucks.

    Hero, Ascension (reform it) and Paige.
  14. Ohno (Hero) and Paige...
  15. FU CRAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Johnny Curtis > YOU

  16. Please convince me to like him. Sell him to me and make me become a mark of his, because all I see is some mediocre charisma-sucking random muscle guy who can't speak or wrestle.
  17. 1. He's fucking gorgeous.



    3. Debuted in 1999, quite some experience, so to say.

    4. Trained by: Killer Kowalski, Larry Huntley, Deep South Wrestling, Bill DeMott and Florida Championship Wrestling. Not bad.
  18. Re: RE: Who should be the next to be called up?

    1. Hi BLFFL, who marks for a guy whether he's handsome or not? I doubt your serious on the first though.

    3. KK had 6 years experience, without talent it means jack

    4. So someone can't blow because they had a decent trainer? These guys take anyone to make their money.
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