Who should challenge for the belts?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 20, 2013.

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  1. With new tag team champions comes a new dynamic to the tag division and a chance to do something with it (wishful thinking but still). Leading up to ER we saw a lot more use of the tag teams on Main Event and Smackdown which I personally take as a sign that the fans are being reminded of them so the Shield gets some new, fresh challenges. Who do you think will step up to the plate?

    Personally I think the Usos will be the first team stepping up. They have been involved with them lately so I could see them be the first to enter a program with Seth and Roman.

    Who do you think will be the first challengers and how would you book it?
  2. To be honest I would have had 3MB on the side for the feud, if they were built properly. Slater and Jindar against Seth and Reigns would have been nice, and McIntyre vs Ambrose would be a wet dream for the IWC. But since 3MB isn't built up well at all, and after Team Hell No's rematch, I would think maybe a debut of The Ascension, or as mentioned the Usos. Most likely I can see WWE being stupid enough to slap together two random faces and have them battle The Shield as always.
  3. The Uso's are No.1 no doubt.
    Kane and Bryan will separate, I got no love for Primo and Epico.
    3MB isnt good enough and the PTP might be second behind The Uso's.
    Might be room for another team like the Wyatt Family.
  4. I hope PTP feuds with Shield. I would love to see those segments. Im pretty sure it would be something like me and dat kid vs DZ, Aids, and Xanth.
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  5. I don't see the family or the Ascension coming up any time soon. They are hinting at a future stable war on NXT with the two stables going to war at house shows (Ascension with a third member).
  6. You know that Ascension isnt a tag team anymore?
  7. They found another member to replace the one who left or whatnot.
  8. 'The guy in my avatar is the new second member of the Ascension (or will be at the end of the next tapings) and they are teasing a third member at house show. I am fully aware of most things going on in NXT.
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  9. Who replaced Kenneth Cameron?
    Last episode I seen was that Conor O'Brein called himself the true ascension.
  10. Team Hell No get their rematch, and hopefully that feud lasts a little while longer than just "rematch, split".
    Really hope you're right with the Uso's. The match would be incredible and it would be a great first big "traditional" feud for Rollins and Reigns while they try to find another tag team for the division. Afterwards it'll probably be Random Kofi Kingston Tag Team IV, hopefully with Neville this time.
  11. Rick Victor (the guy in my avatar). And Judas Devlin has been working with them at house shows.
  12. On a side note, he looks like a sith lord.
  13. Oh Rick Victor, wait he wrestled in the Hart Dungeon right?
  14. He'll be perfect for the Ascension. He ran stables like this in on the independent scene for years before going to the WWE. He'll add some much needed extra personality outside of Conor's and dynamic to the Ascension. Plus he's trained in the Hart dungeon so obviously he's a good wrestler.
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  15. Im just worried he might cut someone's hand of or some shit. Sith people always have a fetish for cutting off hands.
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  16. Team Hell No in a ladder match :fap: :fap: :fap:
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  17. I'd agree with the you and Dat Kid part. I love PTP. On the ER post-show, Tidus O'Neil made it clear that he and Darren were definitely going to get the titles 'where they belong'.

    I just hope he goes as Pancake Patterson. :dawg:
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  18. Seth reincarnated once. I'm sure he can do it again.

    great post ryan :yes:
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  19. Throw the Usos in and you have a damn fine triple ladder match there.
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  20. Do they still do their traditional dance? I haven't seen it in awhile and the only times Uso's are on screen, they usually get jobber entrances. :downer:
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