Who should Dolph feud with after Del Rio?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. The first feud of his reign has been pretty poor imo, but you can expect that when he's feuding with two stars pretty lacklustre on the mic, and getting hardly any mic time himself. They have booked it horribly. Anyway, who should feud with Dolph next? In a normal scenario I would say Daniel Bryan due to how over he is, how over he can get Dolph, and how good their matches will be. However, he's apparently in for a summer push against Cena, and I would much prefer that for Bryan. So, who else? I'll go through some options:
    • The Shield. Sounds weird I know, heel vs heel, but you can easily book that with Dolph's character. The Shield taking the belt off of Dolph sets them up for a push where they go for ALL the gold, that could be dope.
    • Big E Langston. Ugh, I only put this here as I can see WWE doing something like this. They have already started putting in placeholders for the inevitable Big E face turn on Dolph.
    • Chris Jericho. This would be good, because they still have more or less unfinished businses, and both can put on fantastic matches and promos together. This would probably be my favourite choice at the moment.
    • Fandango. Some say he's a heel, some say he's a tweener, who knows. WWE seemingly want to keep pushing him because of that one night after Wrestlemania, but I'm not really a fan of this option.
    • The Miz. The matches may be lacking, but the promos wouldn't be. Miz could be a good person for Dolph to actually look good against.
    • Randy Orton. Seems very likely in my opinion. The matches would be great, and it's someone really over for Dolph to get his heel grips into. The promos would probably be poor as there won't be hardly any, as ever with Randy.
    • Sheamful. God I hope not, as he makes so many people look bad, but it's probably a realistic option since he doesn't have much to do at the moment. He'll get promo time against Sheamus though so that's a plus.
    Who else is there? WWE is so thin with faces. Who do you think?
  2. Those guys you've listed don't cut it. None of them look as if they should challenge for the WHC atm. But, Big E is bound to fight Ziggler in the future.

    I'd have some angle with the MITB PPV coming up. Lets say because Ziggler held the contract for like 10 months he gets really worried about who will win it this time. Then he finds out that Langston is entering the SD MITB match. Langston wins the briefcase and is now No 1 contender for WHC. After every match, Ziggler is paranoid, watching what Big E will do and whether he will cash in. Then, basically, Langston cashes in and wins the title. Ziggler turns on AJ for not having his back, and 'Team Ziggler' is dead! I don't know, that sucks but you get the idea.
  3. Give Christian one more chance. We know that he won't get the title but I am sure that both would have good matches against each other. Both have quality, also Christian can help Ziggler to get better mic skills. Christian is a pretty good mic performer I think. Heel or face, he delivers nice promos. If not, Jericho can be but as a semi wrestler I don't think WWE will make that feud happen.
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    Big no no to The Shield. The whole heel-on-heel thing can work (Hogan taking the world title off a heel Giant and the Outsiders taking the tag belts off Harlem Heat in WCW, Lance Storm taking the IC Title from Albert during the 2001 invasion in WWF) but something involving Dolph Ziggler against The Shield just doesn't mesh well in my opinion. Not to mention I want them to stay away from actually winning (not trying to win, which is a different topic) world titles as a group, even the less significant WHC.

    Since the thread topic isn't about who would take the title off of Ziggler but simply who should Ziggler face next, I vote for either Randy Orton or Chris Jericho. If they want to build Ziggler as a credible world champion and want his title reign to pick up some much needed momentum and steam, he needs to pick up wins against guys that actually matter. Jericho feels like he's in an important story line at the moment so going from that to a feud with Ziggler (especially if it was stretched out over 2-3 months) would be a good transition. Jericho has plenty of accolades to make a win over him, especially if built up properly, mean something. Y2J could cut promos about all his accomplishments - which includes being the first ever Undisputed Champion, six time world champion, nine time (record) Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Tag Team Champion, Television Champion, Cruiserweight Champion - and say that until Ziggler goes through a guy like him, a guy who proclaims he's the best in the world at what he does and proves it on a nightly basis, he can never be a respected world champion. (Yeah, he's lost to Ziggler before, but we know how WWE likes to ignore match results from the past when it can build further hype for one in the present.)

    With Randy Orton, he could qualify for a title shot and they could bring back some of the spark that could make Orton's baby face character stand out in this modern world of bland good guys. Have him bring up Ziggler's concussion and threaten to put him out for good with a punt kick. Have him punt kick Big E Langston and fake a concussion on his part as an example. Have him RKO AJ (yeah, it won't happen, but pretend) and then kiss her while she's unconscious as he did to Stephanie back in 2009. All this seems rather heelish but given that Orton is the closest we have to a edgy baby face in WWE, could work. He's also one of the most popular guys in the company who rarely loses at all so there's that as well.
  5. Orton needs to put Ziggler over.
  6. Christian and Jericho are the only good options imo.
    WWE never does heel vs heel and a Dolph face turn would be a disaster.

    We know the Langston face turn is eventually happening, and Dolph will be the first turn to take the "5-Count' (ugh that'll be so bad). Would it be better to just get that over with now, even though it would be awful booking?
  7. Christian, Jericho and Orton sound like good choices to put him over.
  8. Christian is the best option IMO. He and Ziggler worked fantastically well together in this Raw match once thwagger and Khali had been eliminated.

  9. He should feud with Jack Swagger. From being partnered with each other in the past it seems like those would know each other. Swagger, being a big guy and Ziggler being a bit smaller would probably be great in ring wise. They're both former amateur wrestlers and good wrestlers in the ring now so the matches would be great. Other than that with the possibility of Orton going heel, Smackdown needs a new top face and I think Ziggler could be that guy if they can figure out some way for him to drop Langston and AJ.
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  10. I'd love to see Ziggler feud with Jericho next. They had a feud going on while AJ was still GM and I'd enjoy seeing them go back to that feud in the future.
  11. Eh, this is a tough one. I'd love to see the promo battles between Miz and Ziggler but I think Ziggler vs Christian or DB would be great as well.
  12. I think that the feud with Swagger and Del Rio will continue until Summer Slam, and the next one would be Christian
  13. To be honest, I think it should be Orton. Ziggler needs someone to go over, and Orton hasn't been in the main event picture for a good while. So it's a good idea for these both.
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