Who should end the streak? Or should it not end?

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  1. Undertaker has made a wrestlemania legacy by being undefeated for 20 plus years. His fallen foes include greats such as Jake the snake roberts,Shawn michaels,The rock etc.

    The streak as most call it has become a staple in Taker's career. My question is who should end the streak or should it even be broken?

    Could any current superstar end the streak...or better yet is any o the current superstars even worthy of having such an honor of defeating Taker at Mania?

    Whom ever ends the streak(if it ever ends) would have the rub of a lifetime. They would have defeated by default numerous WWE legends.

    Should the streak be ended? Who should end it? Should a legend come back and end the streak? Are any current superstars deserving of such an accomplishment?

  2. i think it should not end at all
  3. I don't think it should end.
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  5. I personally think the loss of the streak is a big deal that is simply too grand to pass up on but there is just no one around that I want to see break it at the moment.

    Many suggest that Cena beating it and turning heel as a result of the negative backlash he'd get from even his own fans (most likely) would probably be the best way to go. However, as long as Cena is their #1 cash cow and/or as long as there aren't any strong babyfaces for a heel Cena to oppose (a heel run can only be great when you have great babyfaces to balance it out) then it's not a risk worth taking. Even if it did work out, I wouldn't want to see Cena beat the streak.

    I think the best choice is someone who is clearly the next face of the company, someone who could go up against Taker and even beat him and not receive a shitload of negative backlash for it (it's possible.) This would also work if this person was already a main eventer, so long as he wasn't one for maybe more than a year or so. But there isn't anyone like that around right now, and Taker's time is obviously limited, so I'm going with Taker keeping the streak.

    (Undertaker never beat The Rock at Wrestlemania, for the record.)
  6. Keeping the streak will solidify the Undertaker's legacy. Sure, the streak will be a HUGE boost for the person who will beat it, but I think Mark rightfully deserves to keep it until he retires.

    Also, I can't think of anybody who deserves it that much as how big Undertaker's efforts are to keep the streak exciting ang legitimate. All of his streak matches were 5-star worthy.
  7. :pity1: Giant Gonzales
  8. He should keep the streak theres alot of factors that could play out in a negative way if the streak was lost.
  9. I swear i was posting in a thread just like this the other day. :-/
  10. I think Danny may be right.
  11. HHH, HBK, Kane, Cena, Lesnar or Orton should be ending it if it would end.

    HHH and HBK are such legends with the status of being able to beat Taker at WM.

    Kane is his ''brother'' and it would fit perfectly. Kane winning the match and having Taker laying on the ground. Paul Bearer coming out with a casket screaming ''It's time! It's time! It's time to go home!'' And Taker being put in the casket by Kane and when Taker is just about to get rolled out of the arena, one thunderbolt blasts on the casket, and then moves on to the back.

    Cena is also a possible contender. But there it's also possible to have Cena winning, for him to become an ultimate heel, which is not the case with HHH, HBK and Kane.

    Lesnar is one who has battled with Taker before. Not sure how Lesnar and Taker are right now. I know they had a little heat which was seen on a UFC video when Taker was interviewed. Lesnar walked by with a look in his eye, and Taker responding with ''you wanna go?''. So I don't know if it could work out.

    Orton has already had the chance, because IIRC, Taker already wanted to give it to Orton. Could be an awesome way to bring back ''The Legend Killer'' status which Orton had years ago. It would solidify Orton as a heel again, the role that fits him the best.
  12. Barrett baby
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  15. Check out my fucking HQ post, brother love.

    Those are some good picks imo. :smug:
  16. I disagree with every single one of them.
  17. It should end. They've built the biggest rub of all time, not giving it to someone wouldn't be a good idea. But if they're going to pick someone, pick someone young and good. Barrett would become the top heel if he did it, and he has the potential to, so it'd be a nice choice. As long as they pick a young guy with potential or something similar it's good. Such as Orton back when he fought Taker.
  18. It seems like it's 50/50 some want it to end some don't.

    I personally would like to see someone end the streak like another poster mentioned they have created one of the biggest rubs in pro wrestling history.

    Whom ever ends the streak is in for instant legend status i would prefer if a new guy got the nod. Not sure who though they would be an instant star.

    I'm not against Orton winning it...nor Barret. I would be bias and say Dolph of even Cody but i won't lol.

    I actually like the idea of Kane ending the streak someone had the perfect scenario with Paul bear coming out after the match and putting Taker to ''Rest''.

    Credit to that poster for that awesome idea +1 :yes:


    Loving these two scenarios :yes:
  19. It shouldn't end.

    But, if it must, it should go to Barrett or Punk.

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