Who Should Face Taker At WM 30?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. As the title reads.

    I would personally like Ambrose to face him.
  2. I'll mark for Taker/Lesnar. Idc if they're part-timers or whatever.
  3. It's way too early for Ambrose. I wouldn't mind seeing Cena go against the streak, as long as Taker wins of course.
  4. You're delusional if you somehow think Ambrose will get that big of a push to face Taker at Wrestlemania. Honestly, I thought HHH should have been the man to beat the streak. I don't think anyone else currently is even worthy.
  5. Possibly RVD, if he's still here by then. Most probable are John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Maybe Y2J.
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    RVD/Taker @ Mania?
  7. Cena's the only person who's believable... besides Lesnar, but that would mean the one relevant young star he'd feud with would have to put over Brock. No on that.
  8. If he's retiring, then John Cena. Making this generation's biggest star your last victim is the perfect way for Undertaker to end the streak and close out his career, especially since he's never beaten a guy who was the #1 star of the company as far as Wrestlemania matches go. Shawn Michaels doesn't count since he wasn't the face of the company when he lost at 25 and 26 and was only top dog during one calendar year (1996.) John Cena has been the top dog for the longest that anyone has been (barring Sammartino) and has just about more kayfabe accomplishments than anyone in the modern Mania era.

    If he doesn't retire, then Brock Lesnar. WWE tried to get this match going at WM27 with the real life brief UFC confrontation between Lesnar and Undertaker (which was supposed to get WWE a fair bit of publicity to hype the match, which doesn't make sense since it wouldn't correlate with Undertaker's Deadman character) but Dana White was the one with the power to allow Lesnar to wrestle a match in WWE and he said no. Undertaker also did an interview before WM29 where he said he wants to fight Lesnar at Wrestlemania before he retires.

    No one else is even considerable, certainly not someone like RVD. I've pondered them giving a big push to Bray Wyatt by letting him get the Wrestlemania match with Taker, but I don't know. He's obviously getting a big push right out the gate and with him tangling with Kane and being a dark sort of character (which makes him a formidable opponent for Undertaker), I could see it leading into a Wrestlemania encounter with The Phenom later on if they don't go with the more obvious choices of Cena or Lesnar. But you could be guaranteed that it would pretty much kill Undertaker's streak of good/great matches (arguably the best matches of the card) of the last several Wrestlemanias starting with 23.
  9. I'd like to see him go against an up and comer like Ambrose or Wyatt but there are only two people I see actually having a chance to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. Those two guys of course being John Cena and Brock Lesnar. It doesn't really matter which one out of the two Taker would face as long as he goes over. Taker should've stopped at 20 anyways imo.
  10. Cena should face him.
  11. Cena or Wyatt, possibly.
  12. He will beat the streak with his Lazers just like they broke Goldberg's with a tazer!
  13. Kane. Seriously, it'll be the perfect way for both of them to end their careers.

    It doesn't even need to be a storyline!! Just Kane v Undertaker, one last time. That's it. It'll sell the PPV by itself.
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  14. Don't see the Lesnar/Taker love affair at all... once again Vince has duped you people into buying into something that will line his pockets...its the same as Rock/Brock...

    You all seem to have some imaginary feud placated in your brains that Lesnar/Taker was so epic when it was just another feud...it was 11 years ago and the last thing Mean Mark needs is to have his lid crush by dat Beast

    Ill give you John Cena or Bray Wyatt... otherwise give me a worker like Punk or Danielson that are harmless enough in the ring and deliver quality work.... its not like it matters who eats the pin considering who's on the other side
  15. It's the fact that the streak is bigger than ever and so is Brock Lesnar in terms of brand name and star power in WWE. He'd be arguably the biggest addition to the already prestigious streak at this point. The image of Taker trying to survive the beast from UFC coming at him with moves like the Kimura (Taker screaming like a bitch when he's trapped inside the Kimura should make for great drama) and being hard-hitting and stiff as fuck and such is the awesome part. And those who say Taker couldn't take that kind of physical punishment at his age apparently missed WM27 and WM28, because the two most brutal matches in terms of physicality were the matches Taker had. There's also the fact that Taker has added some MMA maneuvers into his arsenal as well, most notably his submission finisher called Hell's Gate (a triangular choke.)

    Their feud back in the day was awesome. Lesnar defeating Taker cleanly in HIAC by turning the Tombstone into an F-5 was one of the coolest reversals ever. It'd be awesome to do that spot again only with Taker kicking out this time as a call back to their match from over a decade ago.
  17. Now that is idiotic. Benoit is actually dead.
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  18. I think that Taker should just stop, he should show up at each WM but not wrestle. I thought that the epic Punk-Taker feud is the best way to end Taker's defence of the streak. In fact, WWE messed up by not making Punk (WWE champ) vs Taker (streak) the main event of WM and kicking out Cena and Rock. But oh well, Taker can either face Cena/Lesnar or just stop. The latter is the better option for me, and he can make those surprise appearances like he has done with the Shield recently.
  19. God no. Rock/Brock is something very few people want to see. Rock is a terrible worker at this point, unlike Taker who still puts on watchable matches each year at Mania. Brock/Taker is something I've wanted to see since Taker showed up at Brock's UFC fight. The storyline has continuity, since a 'Heyman guy' failed at breaking the streak last year, Heyman can say "Now let's see you beat BRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOCK, LESNARRRRRRRRRRRRR". The match itself would have the 'big fight feel' as has come a WWE buzzword as of late. The only thing that can make me care about a Taker Mania feud at this point is actually thinking he has a chance to lose. HHH never provided that, Punk certainly didn't... Brock could I think, especially as Taker ages and retirement is right around the corner.

    the only other person I feel can provide the 'will Taker lose?>!>!" feeling is Cena, but I would much prefer to watch Brock/Taker than Cena /Taker as far as the in ring match goes.
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