Who should get the Tables match & Ladder match at TLC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by True Warrior, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. WWE TLC's ppv still has a match opening for the Ladder Match & The Tables match who should get it?
  2. Kofi vs Barrett should be one. Unsure which, but I think it'll get a stipulation.
  3. I think I read somewhere that they are planning a fatal 4 way Ladder Tag Team match for the Tag Team titles....

    Team Hell No VS SinStyrio VS Justin & Tyson VS PTP.....
    If this is really true, it will be very interesting...

    That leaves the tables match for Cena & Ziggler...
  4. Would be an awesome match, for sure.
  5. Technically, TLC matches are blow-off or rubber matches so the right answer would be Sheamus vs Big Show.... or Cena vs Punk (one on one)

    Tag TLC's are generally huge spot fests so that would fit in as well.

    I haven't been watching, only reading results after PPV's so take it with a grain of salt. Gimmick matches seem inappropriate for first time square offs
  6. Hope its a tag for the ladder match as they are always spot fests which is awesome.
  7. I think it wont get a stipulation to be honest, then again i have been proved wrong.
    If it does have a stipulation, it's got to be a Tables match, it will show Kofi at work with his high flying skills and Barrett has been a few Tables matches so it will be a even contest but Barrett might just sneak the win
  8. The 4 way tag-team is the ladder match.
    Cenz/Ziggler is tables.
  9. I'd like cena/ziggler in a ladder match. Ziggler could sell some sick moves off that ladder.
  10. But what would be hanging above the ladder? AJ? :hmm:

    Just realized mid-post that it could be the MITB briefcase. :obama:
  11. Not a bad idea :cornette::vince:
  12. Let's have an AJ on a pole match then :russo:

    AJ on a pole :hmm:

  13. LMFAO perfect smiley for that one.
  14. AJ on a pole :gusta: :haha:
  15. :russo: 'AJ on a pole match? I can help with that.'
  16. AJ in a pole match - Time to invest in Kleenex :haha:
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