Who should HHH put over in his last match?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Okay, I know he's most likely not going to put anyone over and that his last match will be some lame ass thing with HBK or something, but who would you actually want HHH to put over? It would be a huge boost to their career if they were to go over HHH, especially at Wrestlemania, so who on the roster should get it?
  2. Sandow could work depending on how Sandow's character progresses. He has started out kind of like HHH did with his Conneticut blue blood character. Would be a bit cool to see HHH put over a character that is like his own. But that is only if Sandow progresses in that way.
  3. Does HHH have a son?
  4. His nose! Plenty of mileage left in that thing yet.
  5. Hard to say since who knows how big of a star some people might be by the time he decides to hang them up for good. Roman Reigns seems plausible. It'll most likely be against another legend just like with his two buddies Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, even if it means the latter has to come out of retirement at least once.
  6. Himself of course?
  7. I think a match against HBK wouldn't be a lame ass crap.

    I would like to put over Rhodes . Maybe ziggler if its booked correctly
  8. Great matches, but I think maybe the one who WWE wants to retire HHH is HBK, if that happens it'd be a good feud imo
  9. Kevin Nash in a loser tears his quad match.
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  10. I'd love to see michaels back at wm. Mainly because he retired when I stopped watching so I missed Wm25 and Wm26.

    But I feel like his two matches with taker where that awesome that it would be a Shame if he comes back and doesn't do the job right.
  11. Would love HHH to put over a heel Clay or Wyatt.
  12. A well built up Wade Barrett could work. But that is such a long shot.

    Looking at guys down in NXT I could see Wyatt being put over in the future. Conor O'Brien as well if he got some more skills on the stick to help sell his character (he's very slow and plodding on the mic right now).

    There's also a guy called Mojo Rawley down there who I have not seen that much of, but the little I have seen (youtubes from live events) makes him look promising. He obviously needs a lot of work but if he is built up over the years once he hits TV and gets a new name he is a possibility (He is very old school and good at playing the crowd apparently.)
  13. Ambrose or Ziggler
  14. most likily shemus but would like it to be one of the sheild members
  15. HBK could work imo..

    They've had some great matches in the past, and I'm sure they can still pull it off.

    If not, I think it will be done with someone who hasn't debuted yet...
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  16. Jawn Sena *ahurahurahur*

    No seriously, I think his last match should be with HBK. It would be a great or awful match, but I'm willing to take those chances.
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  17. If he refuses to put someone over like I can imagine, then I too think HBK should be his last match. Although it goes against Shawn's pledges to "never wrestle again".
  18. I think we can assume if that match does happen the title of it will be "One Night Only".
  19. i think a match with HBK or CM Punk will be great
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