Who Should Kofi Kingston Lose The United States Championship To?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 11, 2013.

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  1. A bunch of us were somewhat upset when Caesro lost the US Title to an almost irrelevant (at this point) mid carder like Kofi after such a long US Title reign. But speculation is that Kofi is just a transitional champion, a baby face given the title just so he can drop it to another heel that the WWE prefers as champ over Caesro at the moment. It seems to me it could be one of three people, all whom I think are plausible:

    Big E Langston - A couple of weeks ago, didn't Ziggler defeat Kofi and then have that followed up by Langston dropping him with The Big Ending? With Ziggler as WHC and AJ the #1 contender for the Diva's Title, I saw this as a possible setup for Langston winning the US Title soon, so that all three could have titles. This seemed to go nowhere but they could always go back to it. Just have Big E win a #1 contender's match (maybe a battle royal) and you're set.

    Roman Reigns - An obvious choice, considering The Shield are starting to go after gold for the first time with the tag team titles. Ambrose and Rollins are reported as being the chosen ones to defeat Team Hell No, so perhaps Reigns is the chosen one to crush Kofi for the US Title, since Kofi is now getting involved with The Shield.

    Jack Swagger - The racist All-American who hates (along with his racist uncle Zeb) anything non-America or foreign to his and their home country. Perhaps after failing to win the WHC, Kofi is out there after a title defense for the US Title giving a promo, and is interrupted by Zeb Coulter. Zeb says the only thing worse than not capturing the WHC is seeing a guy from a whole different continent walking around proud to call himself the UNITED STATES Champion. Feud begins, with Swagger taking the title and then Zeb cutting a promo about how this is now the most important title to the WWE now because of it's namesake and that Swagger and he will fight to the death (figuratively) to defend any foreigners or Americans with twisted morale trying to win the championship from them and taint its prestige.

    All three are interesting scenarios - Langston being a champ along with Ziggler and AJ, Reigns being a champ along with Ambrose and Rollins, or Swagger being a champ to show everyone what a true United States Champion should be. Who do you think would be best? Or perhaps someone has another contender for winning the title, in which case feel free to spell it out.
  2. I think the best guy for all parties would be Reigns since The Shield is relevant right now and having Kofi feuding with the Shield would give him some much needed popularity. Kofi really hasn't been doing anything since 09' and now with the belt back on him, it could be changed with a good long standing rivalry.
  3. Rollins or Big E. I think they would be good at the midcard for now
  4. Cody Rhodes or Damien Sandow
  5. A Kofi/Swagger feud would be the most boring shit ever.
  6. A member of the Shield, or maybe Big E Langston.
  7. What about barett and then unifying both titles,then McMahon brings back the cruiserweight championship. And Kofi gets the first shot instead of having a rematch for the USA title.
  8. The Cruiserweight Title will never be brought back. Cruiserweights being able to win world titles and other mid card titles sort of makes it useless to go back to winning a title suited only for a specific division (especially one that highlights how small you are.)

    Unifying the IC and US Championships is a neat idea, except that Barrett/Kofi is a terrible match to unify them in and I suspect the WWE Title and World Heavyweight Championship will be unified eventually into one title (WWE Title) and with both sets of championships unified, that leaves one world title and one mid card title. I don't see WWE going that route.
  9. And Jericho taking the title away from Barrett and BigE/Fandango beating Kofi. And then having a huge match at SuvS/RR or even at WM. where Jericho can put over (once again) a newbie?
    In the hypothetic case they unify the titles. Just bring the cruiserweight back. So midcarders can have a shot at a specific title. For example guys like Jericho,miz,Jericho,Henry,punk,Bryan,show,Kane...would chase a title and then all highflyers would chase a different one.
    So the midcard would be kinda split. While the main card wouldn't change. It's just an option
  10. How many cruiserweights are there though to have a strong division? The only guy who is an obvious cruiserweight is Evan Bourne. Guys like Kofi and Bryan are credible enough to pass for winning at least mid card titles. Mysterio was winning world titles (though I hated that) and competing against guys like Batista, Undertaker and Kane. I dunno, I like it better to have the cruiserweights simply strengthen the mid card division some more, especially as long as they have two mid card titles.

    As for what would be the best unification match should it happen at all, I think they should wait till Team Hell No break up because Daniel Bryan might be a good choice to unify them. It's something to give him to do after his partnership with Kane ends. Would also be something else to yell YES about. Instead of holding up both hands yelling it, he leaves the match holding up both championships yelling YES. No idea who would be a worthy opponent who would have good chemistry with Bryan.

  11. Maybe Rhodes? They could put on a solid match with decent mic work. If not Rhodes then a returning Christian?
    (Both of those feuds may be awful by the way, just thinking of people who deserve a decent feud!)
  12. Going by TNA's current rules: People under 230 pounds on the main roster (according to Wikipedia)

    Jericho, Christian, Punk, Rhodes, Hawkins, Bryan, Ambrose, Ziggler, Epico, Primo, Hunico, Camacho, Bourne, Gabriel, Both Uso's, Kofi, Miz, Mcgillicutty, R-Truth, Rollins, Sin Cara, Dibiase, Kidd, Tatsu, Ryder.

    Otunga's been billed at 229 and 250, but the latter's more believable. JTG and Santino are 233 so they can pass. There's also Bo but he doesn't count.

    The reason we want a cruiserweight division is for a little optimism towards these guys having something to fight for.
    Plus there's loads of different talents in there. You've got a good mix of spot-monkeys like Gabriel, talkers like Miz, and even mini-powerhouses like Ted.
    Almost all of these guys are completely irrelevant right now and more entertaining than anyone in the main-event or upper mid-card scene.
  13. God I hate this obsession this forum has with a cruiserweight division, I have no idea why people think oh hi a badly booked division let's remove it and put on a weightlimit that'll help. INB4CruisersDon'tNeedBookingTheyJustFlyAround why is is we complain about random matches for the midcard titles we have then? It'll be the same guys - Cesaro which is taking one of the best people out of the division.
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  14. Not going to be Jack Swagger cause he is going for the world heavy weight and I feel he would be a good champion but Ziggler is better in my opinion as champion. Big E. Landston is not going to win it because he's focus to help Ziggler win his match at Extreme rules, It would be interesting if they were tag team champions but then again team hell no is just epic. Roman Rains I would see as Intercontinental champion and the other two members of the shield as tag team champions cause they literately haven't lost a match yet.

    For some weird reason I feel R-Truth should be United states champion.
  15. If they're not gonna get a shot at the WHC, then a member of the Shield - preferably Ambrose.
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  16. I would see him as intercontinental and the other 2 shield members tag team champions.
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  17. Likewise, and that's the direction they seem to be going, with Kofi attacking him on Friday and all.
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  18. It would be interesting but I do like team hell no as tag team champions, there always fun to watch.
  19. Ambrose seems more likely to go for the tag team belt to be honest. When they laid out Kane last week they stood with the tag belts. Dean and Seth holding them. And after RAW last Monday were Ambrose beat Kofi he nodded towards Kofi for Reigns. That can be interpreted as him telling Reigns to go for the US belt.

    Just a thought.
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