Who should leave?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. What WWE Superstar or Diva should either be fired or retire?
  2. Jaun Chena, or the Big Shaw.
  3. Khali and Big Show!
  4. Khali, Hornswoggle.
  5. I think:

    1. Bork lazur... Full time work or GTFO
    2. Anyone on NXT who is there longer then 2 years... How long should it take to make the main roster.
    3. Rosa. Wrestle or leave.. Valet/managers are passé.
    4. Great Khali. Be a monster we all hate or go.
    5. Dibiase sorry creative has nothing for u
    6. Hornswoggle is useless
    7. Vicky Guerrero.. Yes we get it.. Vince promised to take care of u after Eddie perished... But can it be in a backstage role!!!
    8. Funkadactyls... No use for them anymore.. Brotus is depushed!
    9. Jinder Mahal.... A rock star??? Bitch please!
    10. R Truth..... Uninteresting.

    That is off the top of my head.
  6. Mahal, Khali, etc.
  7. i disagree with vickie she may be annoying but shes good for helping guys turn heel due to the amount of heat she gets
  8. The Great Khali and Aksana.
  9. Khali and Hornswoggle.
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