Who should make the HoF this year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. In my opinion it is time for Bob Backlund to man up and accept the induction.
  2. Foley for me.
  3. Agreed on Foley....who put their body on the line more than him.
  4. Not many the guy had balls to take the bumps he did for the love of the business. He made HIAC as iconic as it once was.
  5. Yeah, I hope to see Backlund in the HoF. Heard he refused the previous inductions because he believed he had one more run left in him.
  6. True that....I just the Ultimate Loser doesnt make it.....biggest flash in the pan ever.
  7. Yeah, I'm also not a Warrior fan, at all. Wouldn't particularly enjoy him being inducted.
  8. Foley
    Bob Buckluand
    Pal Bearer
  9. Vader would be a nice induction to the Hall of Fame. Rick Rude is also someone I'm looking forward to getting inducted as well. Jake The Snake should go in, but I think WWE is keeping him out because of his problems. Someone who also hasn't been mentioned would be Dynamite Kid, who I would mark out for if he got inducted. King Kong Bundy would be a good choice as well, as he is a former WM main eventer.
  10. Bam Bam Bigelow should be in as we'll. one of the best big men ever.
  11. I like Bam Bam very much. Amazing athlete for size. Made LT look pretty good, but might be hard for him to get in.
  12. As much as I don't give a shit about the HoF, has to be Foley IMO.
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  13. This dawwg.:dawg:
  14. Agreed, would love to see Foley in it.
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