Who Should Retire

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. Who do you think of all the guys and gals on the WWE roster today, should retire?
  2. Undertaker, Kane and Christian.
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  3. Didn't you just ask this question, bro?
    It's really just semantics, so there's no need in trying to convince me this is different than, "Who should be cut?"
    Regardless, I'll answer.
    Jerry Lawler needs to retire. Big Show needs to retire. John Cena needs to consider it (His intention of going until 60 would be a tragic sight)
    Layla needs to retire. Michael Hayes needs to retire. R-Truth needs to retire.
  4. Christian needs help. Dude needs a therapist if he hasn't got the hint.
    Same goes for Rey.
  5. Oh yeah, add Mysterio to the list as well. He's already semi-retired, might as well just go on and make it official.
  6. Rey, Lawler, Show, Kane, and Christian would be good.
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  7. Being fired (can compete on the Indy's) and not competing anymore (Can't wrassle anymore and you can still be apart of WWE) are two different things.
  8. Kane
    Big Show
    Rey Mysterio
    Jerry Lawler
    Kevin Dunn
  9. Apples and Oranges, bro, a jabroni is a jabroni.
  10. And Ziggler while we're at it.
  11. Zigglers flop sweat >>>>>> Miz
  12. Big E's titties >>>> both of them
  13. If we're talking jiggle factor then yes.
  14. Mark Henry is inching very close.
  15. Defiantly Rey.
  16. Kane, Rey, Christian, Khali.
  17. Randy Orton
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