Who should take the belts off of The New day?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. They are booked very strong. They dropped the title briefly to The Primetime Players, which was a really stupid and random booking decision. But their reign will end eventually. Who do you think they should drop the belts too when the time comes? No one can really step to The New Day. No team from NXT is gonna get that kind of debut rub. I could see The Wyatts maybe doing it, since they out number them. I would make it be the team of Bray and Luke Harper though. New Day could turn babyface in the process.
  2. Nobody. They should remain champions for the rest of their careers. :woods:

    Seriously, though... Anyone but The Usos would be a-okay with me.
  3. This, and the Lucha Dragons.
    Build up the Dudleyz better and who else is more fitting?
  4. The Wyatts. Harper & Rowan, to be exact.
  5. As much as it sounds like you're kidding... New Day as Forever Tag Champs is A-OK with me.

    Maybe K-Swiss when those two get healthy, but even then that's a waste of Cesaro, ya know?
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  6. Who else is there even left to dethrone them?

    I don't want to see The Usos do it.
    I'd probably be fine with The Lucha Dragons winning the gold but I don't see it happening. They've already lost a couple title matches to The New Day as it is.
    The Dudleyz had their shot.
    Prime Time Players already got a short run with the belts.
    The Hardyz making a triumphant return and getting a nostalgia run with the belts doesn't seem likely considering Jeff Harvey will probably be on the shelf till the end of the year.
    Some combination of the Wyatt Family members could do it if The New Day turned babyface, or if the title switch happened in a triple-threat/fatal four-way match (which would allow The New Day to grumble afterwards about how they were never beat directly for the belts and should still be the champions.)

    Otherwise, it almost has to be some team from NXT, and the notion that they would never give that kind of rub to a team debuting straight from NXT is ridiculous seeing as how we just saw Kevin Owens defeat John Cena cleanly in his first night on the main roster last year. And he was even still officially part of NXT when he did it!
  7. Kevin Owens is an acceptation, but every other NXT bring up has been a joke recently. And even though KO beat Cena, they still wouldn't let him take the US title off him, which was bullshit.

    What NXT team do you think they would go over on New Day in their debut. I'm not a frequent NXT watcher, I usually only tune into it for the Takeovers. I really don't see Dash & Dawson ever making it up to the main roster, I don't really understand why the are the champions. I can see Enzo & Cass being moved up to the main roster, even though I think their gimmick is terrible. But I really could't see them winning the belts on their debut. I like Gable & Jordan, but it seems like they won't be moving up from NXT anytime soon.
  8. Hope springs eternal with NXT though, and being JAG on the main roster will hurt almost any NXT talent - see Kevin Owens

    Jordan and Gable are too good to fail on paper, and they absolutely could get Cesaro heat and stand out with their ringwork, but they better make it pretty outstanding to do so...
    Enzo and Cass's gimmick will be exposed on the main roster. Haven't been a fan of them since they became the New Age Outlaws and that won't fly in front of the bored main roster fans
    lol @ the Hype Bros
    Vaudevillians' gimmick is main roster poison, and Gotch will be watered down as hell
    Dash and Dawson make fine utility players, not exactly what you want out of the team that unseats the New Day

    A sleeper pick is Blake and Murphy - also requiring a New Day babyface turn - but the two football jocks and their high maintenance girlfriend fighting off the unicorn nerds seems like fun, and possibly a nice way to get Bayley up to the main roster without killing her instantly (or they can leave her on NXT forever, please do). But a long-term Two Dudes title reign? Nah.

    That's the issue with a team like the Usos. Like them, but they're stale because they're stuck in this division where you're either champs or chasing the champs and it gets boring.

    Am I forgetting anyone?

    They're a pretty good heel team that are just transitioning the belts to the WGTT on Wrestlemania weekend
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  9. Dash and Dawson seem so boring though. They wrestle fine. But they seem like 2 of the plainest mother fuckers I've ever watched.
    I forgot about the Vaudevillians. I can definitely see them coming to the main roster, but with not much success. They'll probably like The Ascension.
  10. Meh, they're an old-school team. "We'll go in there and do basic shit, work the knee..." They're perfectly capable at everything but great at nothing, to let the flashy faces look more awesome by comparison without hurting the match. Their main roster future is pretty much Los Matadores, group 4 in a 4 man tag. Like Los Matadores, except with more apathy from main-roster fans and less absolute hate.

    Yeah, Vaudevillians are done, and it sucks. Seen some debate about if 2015 really has been the worst year in WWE history, but when you consider the way it just murdered our optimism...
  11. Can't disagree with anything here. You nailed it.

    And no, you ain't forgetting anyone. It'll be either The Usos or The Lucha Dragons that will dethrone The New Day. I don't see anyone else, to be honest.

    I want Harper and Rowan to win the titles, but I feel like that should've happened at MITB 2014. So, I don't know. Stay tuned for WM 32 pre-show to find out!
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  12. I don't see either of those teams doing it either, though. After all these chances a title change would just be so pointless, no?
  13. League of Nations is another option, but I don't see them feuding with new day. But Rusev and Barret could male a decent tag team. I feel like they could score the belts in a weird fatal 4 way tag match.
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  14. [​IMG]

    (It could totally happen though. Good call!)
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  15. I still see the Wyatts happening before that though. I can see the new day coming out on Raw after a PPV and saying they have beat every team that WWE has in the locker room and then.... (creepy Wyatt family video cut)
  16. The Wyatt Family - in particular Bray and Rowan or Strowman. They need a title reign, and since they've been in the tag division for over 2 years. You would think they would get their shot.

    If that's too much, i'm asking for, then Lucha Dragons need a reign. Their reign should be highlighting Kalisto, and allow him to go single (without a heel turn) after Mania time. Put him in the IC division, and give him some time and freedom to really show what he's about.
  17. League of Nations sounds good on paper. But in reality, they are League of Jobbers. Shame.
  18. Well... I guess that leaves one option: The New Day remain champs for the rest of their careers.
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  19. I think Kalia to should take the US title off ADR. Cena should be put back in the main event scene again.

    Or maybe Cena could win the tag titles by himself :supercena:
  20. All the tag teams suck, lol. Just give it to Sasha Bank and whatever other chick.
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