Who Should Taker Verse At WM 30?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SFAeroTaker, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Honestly, I'd love to see him take on Sheamus.
  2. Lesnar or Cena
  3. Hopefully it's Lesnar. Cena will be too preoccupied with the Authority (against either Orton or Triple H) or too busy putting Bryan or Punk over in some capacity with the WWE Championship on the line (not in a one on one match, but something like Cena/Orton/Punk or Cena/Orton/Bryan or Cena/Punk/Bryan) to really be able to build up an epic match with Taker for this year. Cena/Taker can wait till 2015.

    Brock is the way to go for next year. I wanted to see this match badly this year and I don't want to wait another year as it could mean we may never see it. Brock and Taker have history to build off of, Undertaker and Heyman have recent bad blood stemming from this year's Mania and Lesnar can easily be sold as a huge kayfabe threat to the streak. (He's won his last two matches and will win his third if he wrestles at the Rumble as rumored... that's the longest collection of wins in a row since he's been back, so he'd be heading into Mania with a lot of steam.) Even more than with his last two matches with Triple H, I want it to look like Taker has just been through a war when he survives Lesnar.
  4. I'm OK with Lesnar facing Taker, as long as he loses. The idea of Lesnar ending the Streak appalls me like no other possible storyline.
  5. John Cena. I'll enjoy watching the IWT squirm at the thought of Cena breaking the streak :gusta:
  6. Wanted it to be Cena before he got involved in the authority angle.

    Lesnar looks the most likely right now, but I've seen reports saying that Taker has doubts because of Brock's very physical style.

    Reigns or Wyatt would be relatively easy to setup after the Shield took out Taker and the Wyatts changed Kane.

    Would be a big boost for the careers of Sheamus and Ryback if they were to go against the streak.
  7. I wanna see Brock put a beating on his old ass.
  8. Brock please.
  9. Cena please. :tough:
  10. I want to see Bray Wyatt face him so he can take over being the "spooky" themed wrestler in WWE and let the dead man rest (pun intended)
  11. I would want Brock to
  12. I'll have to go with Lesnar to take on Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.
    I'd go with Cena as well,but, as Lockard said, he'll most likely pre-occupied in the WWE title scene.
  13. Little Jimmie
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  14. I'm guessing Brock. Although I wouldn't complain if it was Wyatt or Reigns.
  15. Fandango, clearly. 21-1.
  16. Roman Reigns
  17. Cena, just to see the IWC implode if he were to end the streak.
  18. Is he still in TNA? Haven't seen the old man in a while
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