Who Should TNA Re-Sign?

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  1. The contracts of a number of top TNA talent are rumored to expire over the course of the next few months. Mr. Anderson, Sting, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy are all rumored to have contracts that are coming up. Of those names, which would you want re-signed and which ones would you let leave?

    Discuss. Personally, I'd keep Hardy (not the WHC) and ofc the Stinger.
    Fire Kenny Anderson and Bob 4:20.
  2. I'd kick Bob out of the door, he's a yawn fest. Keep the rest Ken has something to offer with a tight leash.
  3. I'd give Ken Anderson the boot since is boring and hasn't been shit since the summer and keep Sting, Jeff hardy and RVD.
  4. Why would you keep RVD?
  5. To put over the X Division.
  6. Well yeah, he should put over someone from the X Division (since he DID NOT put over Joey Ryan), like Zema, King, Christian York or Sonjay Dutt. Then, I don't think there's a place for him really, so don't extend his contract.
  7. Kick Bob Van Dam to the curb.
  8. Fire Bob Van Dam, and keep the rest. I like Anderson I think he's got something to offer if given the right feud.
  9. I'd also kick RVD out. He always goes over the wrong people.
  10. Last 3 PPVs: def. Magnus, def. Zema Ion, def. Joey Ryan.

    Kenny King, may God have mercy on your soul tonite. :downer:
  11. @[Testify] Think we can get a reversal of the #BringBackCrimson campaign going?
  12. After Crimson is back, I'll make sure we do that. But it'll be #FireBVD.
  13. Fire BVD, keep Anderson, keep Stinger and Hardy but Sting really has nothing to offer TNA now, he's done it all imo.
  14. Sting always finds a way to offer something, IMO. He's done it all, yes, but Sting is Sting. He's the real one of a kind.
  15. Job out Bob & Anderson before showing them the door. Anderson is OK but probably costs more $ than he's worth and is injury prone. Keep Hardy, but not as the champ. Let him have a 3-4 month run and that's the end of his WHC days. Sting obv sticks around as a part timer and authority figure.
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