WrestleMania Who should Undertaker have his last match against?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Simple. Go.
  2. Maybe Cena, or if Batista returns as a heel it could make something interesting?
  3. What would make sense? Kane due to the history.

    What I'd like to see as a mark? Taker putting over Ohno

    What will probably happen? Cena :sad:
  4. It'll probably be Cena. Would rather a young upstart though, perphaps Ambrose?
  5. Split between Kane and Ambrose.

    Kane because it's history, these two are kayfabe brothers, they have great chemistry in the ring, the promos would be awesome, and the ending could be Kane burying Undertaker in the center of the ring, signalling that the deadman is laid to rest forever, the lights go out, and the last thing you hear is Kane saying rest in piece and walks away from the ring. When Kane reaches the top of the ramp he raises his arm and Undertaker's gong hits as Kane then goes to the back. I think that would be a dramatic moment enough for Taker.

    Ambrose because I think their characters go well together. Ambrose can get into the head of the Undertaker, and Undertaker can try to strike fear in Ambrose. Ambrose making promos in a graveyard with a fake skeleton, possibly beating it up and pinning it and saying deadmen aren't a challenge, their job is to go in a hole. Pissing Taker off weekly, until their match, which Undertaker wins, but Ambrose goes all out, taking Taker past and beyond the limit, in fact, I wouldn't be mad if he got the win either. It's all my opinion though.
  6. I think we had this same thread with other title...

    I'll say against The Rock, don't know, I don't want to see his streak over tbh
  7. Michael McGillicutty could do it if WWE gave him a good push. But realistically I will say either Cena or Rock.
  8. For me, it has to be Kane. Kane isn't getting any younger and Taker certainly isn't. A chance for those two to bow out in the best way possible, in front of 80,000 just like Flair did. That was so emotional and I feel Taker/Kane both going out together would be even better. They could do a gimmick where they both stand with their back to the camera, do their right-hand salute and the lights go out, and then there's Kane's ring pyro and the lights come back on and they're gone.
  9. That's gotta be Kane.
  10. Kane and both retire
  11. Should be Kane probably won't be though.
  12. For the life of me, I don't understand why so many want it to be Kane. Kane isn't the monster he used to be and I really don't need to see a third match between them at Wrestlemania (their 837th match overall) when there's obviously better alternatives. A match with Kane at this point is not a big enough match for Taker to close his legacy out with (his retirement match would obviously be the last match of whatever WM he retires at.)

    For me, his final opponent entirely depends on whether the streak stays intact or not. I think it certainly should at this point, and in that case, the storybook ending to Taker's streak and career is John Cena. Undertaker comes out next year and says that win, lose or draw, the streak finally sees it's end at Wrestlemania 30. He gives a promo about how for the past 23 years, he has slayed all the dragons that have come his way (this is Taker speak that basically means all the people he's defeated throughout the years) and that the time has finally come to lay to rest his final enemy. He says that when he looks around, he sees the biggest challenge left in the locker room is John Cena (he doesn't come right out and say this, there is some anticipation built up to it.) Cena's music hits, he has a curious but confused (perhaps intimidated) look on his face as he walks down the ramp and tries to get Taker to better explain the reason for the challenge he's just laid down.

    Taker explains that ever since Cena rose to prominence, he's become the most dominant man he's never beat at Wrestlemania or ever for that matter. He also explains anytime Cena has come up against many of the same people that have fallen to Taker at Wrestlemania - HHH, HBK, Punk, Henry, Orton, Batista, Edge, his own brother Kane, Big Show - Cena has come out on top. (If you wanna add non-Wrestlemania names that Taker has defeated as well, you can add Khali and The Rock.) He says that fate has kept them apart this long for a reason but come Wrestlemania XXX, they will finally meet and one way or the other, John Cena will be the last man the Undertaker goes up against (win, lose, or draw!)

    I can't imagine the heat for the match leading up to it, with many people thinking there's a chance Cena could break it. Especially with the super smark crowd that will hate Cena's guts already. I also wonder if the WWE Title should be incorporated into the feud (probably not, but I do believe Cena should be kept mostly dominant for this whole year so he can go into this feud and match looking the strongest he can look.)
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