Who should win 2013 Royal Rumble?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 16, 2012.

  1. Probably Ryback.
  2. A returning Bob Backlund, maybe? No, honestly, I don't know. If Ryback gets over until January it would be nice.
  3. Who?
    And of course he'll get over. He's only been on TV for 2 months in squash matches. Put him in real matches and a good feud and maybe give him IC title reign he'll be a main event'r.
  4. I believe Ryback has the skills to get big, I just hope he gets put in real feuds/matches as soon as possible.
    Backlund is a two-time WWF Champ, a legend, just a joke, he is not returning. It's just that I'm a fan of him for some reason, probably because of his late 1994 gimmick.
  5. All depends on what year stars have had. If Rhodes/Ziggler/Barrett aren't main eventers by then, then one of them has to win it.
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  6. Isn't Wade Barrett going to win the MiTB, which makes Royal Rumble unnesesary.
  7. Kinda hard to say given it's still over half a year away. Who knows who will be strong candidates by January. I also wouldn't jump and say that Ryback is gonna be a big star just yet. He might not pan out as some people think. Of course, since I read that Vince thinks he could be the #2 baby face in the company, I'm sure they'll program him with absolutely anybody to insure that he gets over by any means necessary.
  8. Simon Dean...
  9. Michael Tarver.
  10. Realisticly (sp) out of all the people I want to win it Barrett is probably the most likely. He bloody deserves it as well.. but no doubt they will give it to someone like Cena/Orton/Sheamus again.
  11. Kane, just give him a Rumble win already, he deserves it
  12. Jeff Hardy, Rob van Dam, Batista, The Rock, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Ryback or The Miz.
  13. Barrett all the way. Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Rock or Batista winning would be fucking disgraceful.
  14. The winner should be a young rising star, not a veteran.
  15. We already had a young rising star win this year, Shaemus. And besides, remember there's always next year. Plus, remember there's always MiTB for a big push. Have Kane/Henry or another Vet win, guys that might be gone in the next year.
  16. I'd probably mark out if Kane or Henry won the Rumble, but I'm not sure it's a wise decision. You could be right though.
  17. It might not be the best decision. But the young stars can always win the Rumble next year. Kane and Henry are on burrowed time though. Never won the Rumble in their long careers. Plus, we always have MiTB to push Barret. :dawg:
  18. The truth is that if WWE's booking was good, they wouldn't need the Rumble to put someone in the main event. But we all know how things there.
  19. Have Kane break his record and win the Rumble, but have him give up his title opportunity for a shot at Taker at WM. That way he wins the RR, but doesnt take the title opportunity away from somebody who needs it. I'd like Kane to actually end Taker's streak to give Taker a reason to retire and with Taker gone Kane could also retire. I know that won't happen, but i think it would be cool
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