Battleground Who should win the Triple Threat Match?

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  1. Dean Ambrose (C)

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  2. Roman Reigns

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  3. Seth Rollins

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  1. Rollins. He's always been a favorite Shield member of mine and he always will be.

    I'm fine with Ambrose and heel Reigns winning, too. But yeah, Rollins >>>
  2. Reigns needs to take a break. He needs to be rebuilt from the foundation. Rollins is good at chasing.

    I've gained a lot of respect for Ambrose. He's my favorite of the 3, right now. He's a true fighting champion. He's over and a great draw. Ambrose needs to win.
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  3. Can see a double pin happening. Rollins and Reigns pinning Ambrose at the same time, Rollins and Ambrose pinning Reigns at the same time, etc etc. The draft is taking place right before this, and I doubt all three will be on the same brand.

    Double pin can be a legit reason to bring the WHC back, and creates your two top stars for each brand. Also leaves it to where you have someone chasing the one belt, and the other being open to a new challenger.

    If not, I don't care who wins as I like all three. Just don't want Ambrose's reign to be only one month.
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  4. Ambrose should retain because of how much work he's been putting in as WWE champ. Plus he is still over, might as well ride that to Summerslam.
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  5. Anyone except Reigns!

    srs bsns tho: Thinking they get a run in and the match ends in DQ.
  6. Triple threats can't end in DQ yo
  7. Oh derp!

    Then I prefer the double pin ending with the WHC back XD
  8. Roman Reigns should win, especially if they're turning him heel... Reigns only lost the title because they had to take it off him due to his suspension.. He would get so much heat if he came back and won the title right away... I much prefer Seth Rollins win it, but Reigns might be the better choice.

    Fans might not like that idea, but that's the point.. There's no way they can bring him back as a babyface after acknowledging his suspension on RAW.
  9. Ambrose will win, carry over to SS when Reigns will win it back...
  10. Rollins is truly the best member of the Sheld so he should win
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  11. My thoughts exactly, but then again, I love Ambrose, too. And I have a funny feeling he'll retain.
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  12. I think he'll retained too. And he'll probably go to Smackdown while Rollins and Reigns go to Raw and feud for a new World Heavyweight title. If they make Ambrose drop the title already it would make his title run look so weak. But Rollins is the superior Shield member, so in my eyes he should win the match
  13. IMO, the WWE championship will remain on RAW, and if the Big Gold Belt is going to be revived, then it'll be on SD.

    There may be a double pin at Battleground, leading to the WHC being revived for all we know. But, I guess we'll see.
  14. I really think Ambrose should keep the belt. Although Rollins is my favorite of the three, we toiled through a Rollins run and toiled through Reigns getting and losing the belt 3 times. I'm not sure an Ambrose reign will be any more exciting, but I'm wanting to ride it out for a while and find out.

    It's also nice to see the champ getting good ovations... I don't always care about this but I do at the moment.

    So Ambrose.

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  15. I like the idea of the double pin and then a world champion is crowned on smackdown. It makes the most sense for the current state of WWE. No matter what we're going to have a great match come out of this. Possibly MOTY.

    I think what should happen is reigns and Ambrose both end up falling on top of Seth and for the first time ever all 3 people are pinned. Reigns spears Rollins down, reigns then turns to dean and hits a superman punch, but right before he falls, he nails dirty deeds on him... They all collapse and end up on each other with their backs down. Triple pin. Completely undecided and never done.
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  16. Dean should win. His reign is already meh and losing it at the first PPV would be terrible for him. And since Smackdown only has two titles he should win haha....The fuck would be Smackdown with the IC title and that's it? Dean FTW
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