Who should Ziggler feud with?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. It's likely he'll be involved in a triple-threat at the moment, but there's a chance ADR/Swagger could continuer on their own. If so, who should be the #1 contender? Also, if they do go for the triple-threat, who would you want Ziggler to feud with after retaining?
  2. I NEED to see Orton job cleanly to DZ at a PPV.
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  3. Not a bad call. The guy is over and has no momentum, so it's an easy face for Dolph to go over. Dolph will need to carry the promos though lol.

    Is it just me that would like Dolph to go down the sadistic route? I dig the selfish showoff gimmick, but it needs a bit more Bobby Roode. Hopefully now he's champion he will get the mic time he deserves.
  4. Bryan-Matches would be awesome,with Bryan taking the strap at summerslam:yes:
  5. There are a lot of ways DZ's character could go that I wouldn't mind. I agree though that now that he is finally in the spotlight he needs to start to have some character progression because as dope as being the Showoff is there isn't much depth in that character.
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  6. Dolph doesn't fit the sadistic role IMO, he's not that kind of guy. I wouldn't be against him going down the A double route instead.
  7. Honestly I think he can just become more of himself and develop into the natural babyface that he is. He can use his sarcasm and wit in promos while continuing to talk about stealing the show, only he is doing it for the fans.

    Gay I know, but that's the DZ I want <3

    point being EVERYONE wants to cheer for the guy. No reason to continue to force him into a heel role even though he was a damn good heel.

    At ER have Big E lay him out after he goes over ADR/Swagger and he becomes a sympathetic underdog babyface in his mini feud w/ Big E
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  8. Sadistic was probably the wrong word. Just the asshole. It can fit into the showoff gimmick so well. He could be the guy who just keeps winning, but lets everyone know about it and then some. Picking on the rookies in the locker room, and then doing the Punk-style interruptions to "legends" showing disrespect because he's that damn good. Or something like that.

    I wrote a piece here ages ago, but can't be assed to find it. Something like this will be awesome though. He would obviously be the guy at first pounding the guy with black hair and mocking him while doing it. Dolph could fit that role so well imo. That whole video could be a feud tbh.
  9. I don't have enough faith in WWE to make him an entertaining heel. They have a fetish for ruining faces.
  10. The only issue I have with that is Big E being near the world title, I know it's necessary but I can't get behind it then dropping him off the face of the earth. Obviously he can't beat Dolph but it just feels like a paper title shot you know?
  11. That doesn't change the fact that that is the DZ I want and we all deserve.
  12. I could see Randy Orton, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, and maybe even a returning face Christian. That's all I can think of right now.
  13. I like the idea of him becoming a showstealing babyface. It's down the Shawn Michaels route who as a heel was an arrogant douche but backed it up in ring (Kind of like dolph) and as a face he was smarky, a bit full of himself but still a good guy and a showstealer (What Dolph would most likely be). He has the charisma to be that guy but I don't know if Big E can be the guy to use as his catalyst for it. I'd rather see Big E turn on him once he has turned himself.
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  14. Meh. Do it on Raw or SD. He doesn't have to get a proper build/PPV match. Like I said, mini-feud. It is just the easiest way to quickly turn Ziggler face + Get the dead weight removed.

    Hell his match could even be a non-title match on SD with Ziggler winning quickly. Who cares
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  15. I don't really want to see D'Z "turn" face as such, I'd rather just see it done kind of organically. Basically the only thing he has to do is ditch Big E and AJ somehow (similar to how he did Vickie) then start facing heels and winning cleanly. He basically has no heel traits atm and is getting a tonne of pops, so I don't see why he has to start sucking the dongs of the universe all of a sudden, it'll just lead to backlash from some smarks eventually.
  16. A face Christian vs Dolph would be fucking incredible.
  17. Would be great but they need to switch roles there for me. The two have amazing chemistry though, their match on Raw a few months ago was fantastic.
  18. I think Christian works the sympathetic face role pretty well, and Dolph being the heel creates maximum entertainment. It's no lie that in modern WWE you can be far more entertaining as a heel.
  19. Definitely, but it's more for aggressive guys who rely more on their mic work. Ziggler basically doesn't have to change a thing. Besides, Ziggler is over as fuck right now, Christian was sadly getting crickets as a face - as a heel he was getting great heat though.
  20. I think a feud with Jericho would be awesome. They have a past and I think it would be cool to explore that again.
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