Who should Ziggler's first proper feud be as champion?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Skipping Show or Sheamus, who should Dolph Ziggler first feud with when he finally becomes the WHC?
  2. Rumors are that it'll be with Randy Orton. I know a lot of people here hate Orton (I'm not exactly a fan myself) but they've had excellent matches in the past. I wouldn't mind it. Besides, who else is there besides him, Show and Sheamus?
  3. God I'm sitting here genuinely struggling to think of any credible face who I would actually want Dolph to face. A fued with a face D-Bry would be unbelievable, but I don't really want to see Bryan face. The only other credible person that Ziggler could face is a face Del Rio, sadly they are determined to make his god awful heel character work somehow.

    My personal choice would have to be Christian, he and Ziggler worked amazingly well in the ring together a few months ago on Raw.
  4. Christian or Kofi if he is no longer is holding the IC. It's kind of Kofi's thing currently. He can hop up into the main event and help put over a new main eventer like Dolph. Not to mention the match quality. Kofi won't come out of it looking bad either.
  5. Shouldn't it be Ziggler putting Kofi over? Kofi strikes me as a life long midcarder. I think Ziggler's first feud should be with an already established main eventer in order to further establish him as a world champion.
  6. Daniel Bryan :bitw: Although he's tied to the Tag Titles now. Looking at the SD roster, I suspect Orton
  7. I guess Orton. Or Christian.
  8. Orton is gonna turn heel so , it should be Christian or D-BRY
  9. Ziggs vs the world sounds good to me. Why limit him, his ego isn't.

    Ziggs vs the roster... Ziggs vs the WWE universe... Ziggs vs everybody

    Ziggs against a returning Jericho is works (hopefully he'd still be champ by then)... but (face) Mark Henry would be good only since he's on his way out
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