Who shouldn't of been a champion in WWE?

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  1. I am going to post a thread giving you two wrestlers who were WH/WWE champions in the best. The title is the question.

    The Miz


    Jack Swagger

    My pick is Jack Swagger. I mean his World Heavyweight title reign was probably the worst reign in recent years. He didn't do anything to impact the company, he was put in some really boring feuds (granted, most of this feuds are the creatives fault). Also, I never reallt seen anything of value in him, to be even more honest.
  2. I actually sort of enjoyed both reigns. Swagger was so bad that it was good, if that makes sense. He was so bad on the mic that everyone just boo'd the crap out of him. I thoroughly enjoyed Miz's reign, so I guess I'll say Swagger shouldn't have been out of those choices.
  3. Dolph Ziggler with his 30-minute reign, McMahon back in the AE, and current Rock. Miz and Swagger were test reigns, Miz I liked better because he's sort of alright currently but Swagger ends up feeling weird because he fell on the card so much the guy is out of TV and you say he's a former world champ, it's weird, you know. But nothing against them testing some youngsters with gold. Swagger's gimmick change on his reign was crap though, and he could've used some build before winning it.
  4. Sheamus as WHC aaaaaand Rey Mysterio for 20 minutes.

    No problem with Miz or Swaggie
  5. No problem with either reigns really. Miz is a tremendous heel when he wants to and can get under people's skin. Swagger was entertaining without intending to, also he is extremely sound technically.
  6. Who's from this two shouldn't have been champ?

    Ultimate Warrior


    Sgt. Slaughter

    In my opinion, Ultimate Warior got a passing of the torch from the almighty Hulk Hogan, but he used his chance to try and grab all he can from the WWE. I mean, you have to be seriously mentally ill to put a gun to your own boss demanding stuff from him. He believed that he needs to get everything Hulk Hogan used to get back in the 80s, but it didn't work this way for him.
  7. For first one Swagger. He sucked on mic and he wasnt good at in ring competition at that time. Glad that he improved himself on both but still not adequate. Miz deserved the title and had a good reign. This guy has potential, that is a reason that he took the belt. But I do not like him. For the second got no idea actually. Didnt watch them as I dont like Golden Era.
  8. For the first option, obviously I choose the Miz, for the new users, I'm not a fan. As for the second choice, I have to go with Sarge. Being around at the time, no one could fault Vince for putting the title on Warrior, the guy was jacked and over as hell. Sarge was at the end of his active career and wasn't really that over anymore.
  9. 1st one is Swagger since Miz's reign was memorable and good. 2nd is Slaughter since Warrior was over as hell.
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  11. No contest, Rey for sure. Eddie was fantastic!
  12. Sheamus should have never been WWE champion, it was way too early for him and he missed out on the development you get from working your way up from the midcard.
  13. I don't think Warrior literally pulled a gun on Vince. If you're referring to the comment from the Self-Destruction DVD, Vince said "figuratively", meaning he put him in a tough situation by threatening to walk out of the Summerslam match if he didn't get paid what he wanted. He deserved the belt a lot more than Slaughter. He was over as hell, so much that his popularity rivaled Hogan's. He also got one of the biggest pops ever when he ended HTM's record IC title reign in less than twenty seconds.

    As for the first choices, Swagger was a weird guy to put the belt on. I can see why Miz would become champion, even though he's horrible. As for the third one, Mysterio for sure. Too small for me to take seriously as champion.

    Other people who never should have held the belt, or at least won it when they did:

    Vince McMahon (not even a wrestler)
    Andre The Giant (he deserved it, but not for just a matter of minutes)
    Dolph Ziggler (his ten minute title reign)
    Sheamus (won it too early)
  14. Swagger, Sgt.Slaughter and Rey.
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