Who takes the Heavyweight Title from Magnus?

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  1. So after Sunday's Lockdown PPV Magnus is still the TNA Heavyweight Champion due to substantial interference by Abyss. The finish to the match was awful and stuck with the current script of Magnus being a weak champion but somehow always retaining.

    Who takes the Heavyweight Title from Magnus? I'm honestly not sure but below shall be listed a few people whom I see as suspects:

    Bobby Roode - Mr Roode has to be one of the suspects in the frame to take the Heavyweight title from Magnus. Now that Dixie's Lockdown team has lost it seems as though Booby Roode could be in line for a title shot. I would love to see Bobby as a two-time Heavyweight Champ.

    Bully Ray - After his Face/Tweener/nobody knows turn at Lockdown it appears Bully Ray could be next to feud with Dixie and Magnus. After winning two Heavyweight title's in 2013 can Bully add more in 2014?

    Samoa Joe - It has been six years since he last had a World title reign in TNA, it is well overdue that Joe becomes champion but with Abyss' interference in his match with Magnus it seems Joe will feud with Abyss mainly. Could Joe finally win a 2nd TNA World title?

    Austin Aries - This is wishful thinking as an Austin Aries fan. He is an outsider at the moment but what's to say he cannot win the X-division title back and cash it in again at Destination X?

    Bobby Lashley - Another outsider to win the title as he has only just returned in a non-competitive capacity. TNA has thrown Heavyweight title's around the waist of former WWE guys in the past only a few months in to their contracts (See Angle, Cage, Anderson and RVD), will Lashley be added to that list?

    These are the five people I see in the frame for taking Magnus' title, what is the consensus within WWEforums? Could it be another wrestler?
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  2. As Christy Hemme says: Bobbyyyyyy ROoooooooooooo
  3. I'd love to see Bobby Roode feud with Bully Ray for the #1 contendership for the WHC and then beating Magnus at the next special/PPV. Roode could be the guy we all like but he's a heel at heart, while Magnus realises he has to win the WHC by simply being better than his opponent - not by having guys like Abyss run in, he just doesn't want to be a Paper Champion.

    I'd say Joe and Aries have a big Slammiversary rematch later in the year for the X-Division title, with the winner going on to cash in the title for a WHC shot and then perhaps winning that.
  4. Don't think a heel can take the belt from him, and while Aries should be the top face of the company he shouldn't be flip-flopped yet again... That also leaves out Roode... Am really turned off from Joe after the Lockdown finish... As much as I love Bully, I'd rather he take a step back for a while.... There's Hardy, Lashley, Angle who are threats... Ya know what? I really hope Gunner is the guy to dethrone him. Sure he's "failed" before, but he had the match won before his boy screwed him over. And at this point I'll be totally happy with Gunner walking around with the World Title. It's time for some new blood, dammit.

    There's also another good choice, and he's from green bay, wisconsinnnnnnnnn... *points at Aids to finish this*
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  5. Anderson wouldn't be terrible.

    I didn't watch the lethal lockdown match yet, is Roode not turning face after all? His actions sort of led me to believe that was still an option
  6. Totally agree with you. I was going to put him on my list but after technically picking up a loss to Samuel Shaw at Lockdown I have a feeling Anderson is quite far away from the title picture. Although in TNA it does not take much for them to push a guy back to the main-event scene.

    Not sure any of us really know at this point dude! He was a part of Team Dixie at Lockdown but your right that he was leaning towards face behaviour prior to shaking her hand on Impact.
  7. Roode never really showed any Heelish tactis imo. He went with Dixie purely for the 10% it was Aries who screwed MVP before Lockdown. To me Roode was conflicted and just doing what any of us would do for a nice chunk of pie like that. Not sure he was a heel but then Bully putting him through the table suggested he was it was all a bit murky.
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  8. He was using heelish tactics when looking at it from the wrestling bubble, with him essentially coming off as a selfish prick for only wanting to help when getting an incentive to. But when you really analyze it he was being realistic and possibly face-ish for not wanting to help Ditsy without anything for him. (Hell, I was hoping he'd get his 10%, and since Ditsy's a ditz in kayfabe too she'll screw him out of a lot of money and that would lead to a face turn...)

    Hey, a Roode "face turn" would make sense, a lot more sense than *spoiler*

    Wilby, I'll still count Anderson since that loss to Dexter meant about as much as this potato means to me.
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  9. AJ Styles
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  10. I have that exact pic of a potato saved on my PC, lol.
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  11. Bully Ray's gonna take the title from Magnus.
  12. CM Punk.


  13. With the recent developments in the storylines, Bully Ray will most likely take the title at an Impact show in New York (I heard they're doing shows there soon) or maybe even the Sacrifice PPV.
  14. Sacrifice? No way, it'll be Bully/Roode at that PPV.

    Impact from NY, though? Not a bad idea to win the title again.
  15. Hulk Hogan
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  16. Now that I've basically caught up on Impact (although I'm not yet watching tonight's episode), I'm calling Willow/Jeff taking the belt from Magnus.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. Nobody said it had to be exciting/groundbreaking.

    If I'm going for that, I'll stick with CM Punk.


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