Who the fuck is Big E Langston???

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  1. Who the fuck is Big E Langston??? who is this guy??? dont tell me this guy is another Ryback in the making my god one is enough
  2. Brock's brother.
  3. He's a black guy. I am 90% sure of that. He might also be Jesus
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  4. Bobby Lashley's brother
  5. I heard he was some chauffeur, but Vince liked his look, so he tossed him some gear and told him to get his ass in the ring pronto.

  6. He worked the doors at the Hilton Hotel in NY and since they were desperate for a new AJ storyline they hired him and told him to lay waste.
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  7. He's the danger that flaps in the night
  8. He's the monster that lives in the closet
  9. At first glance, I thought this said "fwaps in the night." :gusta:
  10. He's Claire Lynch's pretend-baby daddy.
  11. He's Sexual Chocolates secret love child
  12. Some say he is half man, half chainsaw.....and half tiger shark
  13. It's Ezekiel Jackson came back in another name. Are you stupid BLFFL?
  14. Some say he eats frogs for breakfast, others say he once dead lifted 550 pounds, all we kno he is Big E and he likes the number 5.
  15. Some say he was forged in the fires of Mordor, other that he was born from two lumberjacks. Others just say he is Big E Langston
  16. Some say he and AJ Lee are the same person, fight club style.
  17. Some historical txts say that the Lord created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day rested this is untrue. On the 7th day he created Big E Langston and hooked him up with VKM's number.
  18. I can gurantee this guy will be jobbing to Cena just you watch
  19. Alright. He's gonna job.:idontcare:
  20. Re: RE: Who the fuck is Big E Langston???

    Who Brad Maddox?
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