Who thinks the midcard titles should merge?

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  1. As the title of the thread says, who thinks the WWE United States Championship should merge with the Intercontinental Championship? If so, which championship do you think they'd continue with? Or do you think they'd create an all new championship? I'm genuinely curious and will post my opinions once the thread gets rolling a bit.
  2. With a roster this size it is about the dumbest thing they could do
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  3. No, it's fine the way it is now since their roster is packed.
  4. Absolutely not. If anything, a third championship would probably be welcomed but I'm content with having only two. The roster is way too big for there to be only one title for midcarders to compete over.
  5. No. Despite WWE's inability to do anything with rhe IC and US tites atm. This would be a bad idea as the roster is stacked and it'd give a lot of peope no where to go. What we need is WWE to start pushing feuds and storylines behind the US and IC title, then not dropping the program a week later.
  6. when they merged the world titles, it resulted in chaos as there are way too many people who deserved a title shot and didn't get it. I don't see why they should do the same with the midcard titles.
    If the World Heavyweight title would still be around, people like Owens and Ambrose would have already held it instead of the IC title.
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  7. As @Prince Bálor said the roster is packed. All they need to do is book the titles right so they don't look pointless and insignificant. For example John Cena raised the credibility of the US Championship significantly last year, first of all him winning it and fighting for it but also the Open Challenges. Then WWE did what WWE do and that is fuck it up. No offence Kalisto or Ryback but no just no. And the IC title has history like the commentators keep reminding us about but I can't give credibility to a championship or a champion when they are defeated the next night on raw (Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Zack Ryder.) I would like a third championship maybe a hardcore championship or call it extreme rules title to kinda modernize it or bring the cruiser weight title back. But if they can't book the IC or US title right then what's the point.
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  8. Now that I think.more about it, you're all right, this is a bad idea due to the roster size. I made this thread mainly because I don't really want to see the US title wasted anymore. Let's face it, the title has gone down in prominence since Cena lost it to Del Rio, or maybe (and don't hate me for this) since he lost it to Rollins. The Intercontinental Championship however, seems to be doing well with constant defenses and whatnot
  9. Mid card titles are pointless. Get rid of both of them.
  10. They give midcarders something extra and productive (at least back when the belts mattered) to do. That's the opposite of "pointless."
  11. The whole idea of a mid card belt is retarded. It doesn't represent anything.
  12. Not really they're good to gauge a performers ability to hold a title and give the midcarders something to strive for from a kayfabe point of view.
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  13. World champion = best in the company
    tag team champion = best tag team in company
    Mid card champion = ??
  14. well originally it was meant to be the "up-and-coming" title for midcarders who're gonna make the jump to the main event. I get that the format has changed and the title doesn't really represent that anymore, yet it's still a title and in kayfabe every title is worth fighting for.
    If you'd take midcard titles out of the equation, more and more people would complain about wrestlers not getting title shots and that they're being underutilized. Someone like Owens or Ambrose would have achieved absolutely nothing if it wasn't for midcard titles. Midcard titles basically make sure that midcarders don't look like losers. That's it.

    In NXT it's ok to have only 1 big singles title, but only because the roster isn't as stacked over there.
  15. Usually an upstart or a former champ looking to re-build. It's similar to the regional belts they have in boxing, they have a purpose.
  16. This is a horrible idea. I'm all for one world title. But keep a couple mid card belts.
  17. yeah, I did come to the realisation when the size of the roster was brought up.
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  18. Build credibility. It's a trial run with the fans. It's accustomed for wrestling fans to believe in a wrestler who has what it takes to get a midcard title. A rung on a ladder of success, so to speak. It's a stepping stone. It's an opportunity to make your name, or rebuild it. Or when the titles mattered, it was usually a symbol of reassurance to fans that someone was getting a push. Like a signal for fans to "watch out" for this guy.

    Also, they shouldn't merge the titles. They need to do the opposite and keep them separate. Build an identity for both and build them up as something prestigious. They were on a good track at WrestleMania 31, but some where along the line it dropped off again. I have faith in them keeping the titles on track, but they are currently far away from that.
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  20. Absolutely not. I agree with the majority on this one. Keep them. Just book them better!
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