Who uses talent better WWE or TNA?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Saw this come up in a thread, Who uses talent better? WWE or TNA?
  2. I'm going to say TNA because even if they're releasing some of their great talents they still make it a bit more interesting.
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    TNA have less to work with (they don't have a Cena or Rock) yet they consistently put on good-great shows. WWE has all the fucking talent in the world, yet they usually rely on part timers + Cena, and Raw is boring 80% the time. They also to fuck up quite a bit. Albeit 'E has been better this past year with new talent and whatnot.
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  4. [​IMG] TNA's champs, Old guys.

    [​IMG][​IMG] WWE Champions, Young fresh guys with one exception/
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  5. TNA for two main reasons: Aries and Roode. I don't think they'd be utilized by WWE as well as they have been in TNA.
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  6. Del Rio young and fresh? You must be kidding. I thought you talked about Cena with that exception. Also, Curtis Axel isn't a new guy in the company, they only changed his name.

  7. And your point is what?. WWE have had "young, fresh" guys as Champions before and they went absolutely fucking nowhere (Jack fucking Swagger lol)
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  8. Who said he had to be new? Axel is young and talented. Del Rio was the exception. The US Champ in WWE has more talent in every aspect than all TNA's champs with the exception of James Storm.
  9. But my point is WWE are using the talent much much better right now. All I see in TNA is old guys, Sting, Angle, Bubba etc in the Main Event scene, Yes the WWE title has that right now but thats why there is 2 World titles is the WHC is for younger guys and then they move on to the WWE title.

  10. I guess you didn't watch Aries vs. Sabin? lol.

    Uh so what? I thought the question was who uses talent better? Not who has better talent? Ziggler alone is more talented than 90% of either roster, yet they've used him like complete fucking shit (up until only recently). Same thing can be said for Daniel Bryan. That's not good use of talent, imo. lol
  11. TNA obviously. I think you mixed up the talent vs which company uses it better.

  12. Truth. Also, Park, Bully, Daniels. Almost always entertaining. TNA would be absolute fucking gold with even just half of E's roster (imagine Bryan, Punk, Ziggler in TNA?)
    Same cannot be said if E had TNA's roster, I don't think.
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  13. WWE. TNA hasn't been interesting or entertaining since Lockdown.
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  14. You can say they are. Axel is nice. Ambrose is a really talented guy, but he wouldn't be able to win the X-Division title
  15. And that is more a weight/size limitation than a talent limitation no?
  16. Imagine the next match: Aries vs Sabin vs Ambrose. I think Ambrose is a great wrestler, but couldn't win that match
  17. Just because Ambrose isnt a high flyer doesnt mean he hasnt got talent. His mic skills are godly.
  18. And you are setting a guy like Ambrose in a division with a set weight limit/style. Of course Ambrose wouldn't fit in in the X division, he isn't a high flyer wrestler. But I do actually think that given the cirumstances he could work well in it considering his hardcore/death match past. He is used to stip matches so a ultimate match or a ladder match under X division rules would work very well with his moveset.

    But the bottom line is. You are saying that Ambrose wouldn't work in a very limited and set division of wrestling...No shit. The dude isn't a high flyer or overly acrobatic to make up for it like say Samoa Joe. But as an overall talent Ambrose makes up for it with some of the best mic work in the business right now. And this is coming from a guy who isn't a Ambrose dick rider.

    WWE's product is interesting, TNAs is dull and boring and have been since Lockdown.
  19. Why are you throwing a brawler with two high flyers and saying he wouldn't win?
  20. WWE, business-wise. You can bitch all you want about Cena and the Rock, but you can't deny WWE used those "talents" to sell about a billion buys. Money is the only real way you can measure how well a company is utilizing their talent. Everything else is hypothetical or subjective.
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