Who want in Super PipeBomb!?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Sep 20, 2012.

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    We are looking for new user that are not in a group already that can help group out! We are a great were you can drop some :pipebomb: and crack joke. We are the Best Group on this Site! You get a new banner and Award and 8 Stars! Me or Kia can let you in.​
  2. No flaming or LQ crap in this thread please, let him have his recruitment thread.
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  3. What?
  4. Wasn't aimed at you. I was telling other users not to flame you basically.
  5. Oh ok.
  6. Crayo is right, Randy. The group wars are fine with me, but I appreciate a recruitment thread which is somewhat pleasant. Forumers are free to choose, but no group deserves flaming in a recruitment thread.
  7. What Crayo said. Let Randy recruit for Pipebomb and don't ruin it for him and whoever else who is in pipebomb or wants to be in pipebomb.
  8. Dat Kid should join.
  9. I have no preference for who joins, but I know that if joining nWo is your desire, you should do so. I love nWo dearly, but they are not us. If nWo says no and believe we are a proper alternative, you're in for a reality check. I urge all of you to consider wisely the type of people you converse with best.

    Many have said nWo are the best forum members, which is a very flattering thing to say. If this is your belief, and they decline you keep promoting them as am unofficial member and they may re-open to you later.

    Randy is worth getting to know and understand. Please don't judge him unfairly. Have a pleasant day, all.
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  10. I'd rather French kiss a dogs ass then join superpipebomb
  11. Not a flame.... Just my opinion and I'm entitled to it
  12. I would join by Super Pipebomb isn't well-respected enough IMO
  13. Still uncalled for Lanny. If you had nothing to add to this thread then you shouldn't have posted.
  14. Sure it is... Its a recruitment thread for people not in a group... I am not in a group. Me stating my position strongly makes it clear for that group not to target me via PM to join.

    Good day!
  15. I think we are going overboard to protect poor Randy's feelings here.. Come on, that type of comment is casual banter around here, and let's not pretend otherwise.
  16. Steering this back on-topic. You will not find a more passionate leader than Randy :emoji_slight_smile:.
  17. You can blame me for this. This isn't about protecting Randy's feelings, its simply a recruitment thread for those considering joining us. If you would like to flame Pipebomb I welcome you to do so in another thread. I specifically asked Crayo and Stopspot for a flameless recruitment thread. Post what you wish, this is a free forum
  18. Sorry, Kia Sportage.
  19. I see. Well, still, you know how this board operates, especially the LR.

    Even so, this is probably a bad time for Super Pipebomb to be recruiting.. people are pretty down on Rammy at the moment for his (I believe we are going on 3 day) bitch fit his been pitching
  20. I'm a tough girl from Chicago, no worries.