Who wants a FREE upgrade? [Legend]

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saylor, Nov 26, 2015.

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  1. Okay. I'm giving away some legend upgrades away for free. In other words, I'll pay for them and get Solidus to give them to a few members who I feel deserve the upgrade.

    No, it's not about post-count, it's more about the personality of someone; how active they are and how much of an HQ user they are.

    I understand the pain and the struggle of not being able to have all these fancy perks, as I was once in that position. I'm now wanting to give back to a community that has an active user-base with great people, and I think there's no better way to give back to help by upgrading a few members, while the money goes to a good cause by helping run this forum.

    I'm not quite sure as to whether I should get life-time or a yearly upgrade for members, but if it's yearly, it means there will be more upgrades for more people. I'll let you guys decide on whether it should be yearly or a life-time upgrade.

    As far as the requirements go, there isn't any requirements. The winners will be chosen by the public but I also want to see and judge for myself as to who is worthy. However, as always, I want to hear your views and opinions as to who should get the upgrade, or why you feel as if you deserve the upgrade. Alternatively, you can let me know how the upgrade will help you - will it help you be more active? Do you think it'll motivate you to be HQ? Let me know your reasons.

    Kind regards,
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  2. I want to be a legend because I like to see my name in yellow.

    That's the only reason.
  3. I like your honesty.
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  4. I have a 1 year upgrade but I want a longer one cuz I need to edit my posts and stuffs plus I like tha banner and yellow name.
  5. Have you only got a yearly subscription? If so, how longs left on your current subscription? Althought this was aimed at non-legends, I will take this into account.
  6. I think 11 months...
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  7. First off, that's very kind of you. Not many people would do what you're willing to do, give this thing away for just free.99 :emoji_slight_smile:

    I am one of the most active members here, and if there's one thing I'd do if I had some spare money, I'd buy a legend. But, the thing is... I can't, because I'm an unemployed bum.

    I am in no way clamoring for it, 'cause there are other people who deserve it, as well. @Red Rain @Swing Car @Butters! @edge4ever are some of those cats. And if I don't end up getting a legend upgrade, I'd be happy if they did.
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  8. Yo Saylor.
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  9. I don't know what you're talking about lol
  10. Read the OP, homie. lol
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  11. Oh now I get it. That is very nice! Give it to prince. He's sexy
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. you are all poor
  14. the only reason why you don't have money is because you're spending all of your money on drugs, you addict
  15. swing car low key most deserving person here tbh fam
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  16. You deserve to be in special ed.
  17. What's up bro? Long time.

    As for all the responses and all the suggestions/reasons, I have noted them down and I will definitely look into who deserves the upgrade. But furthermore, I have made one decision already as to who deserves Legend and the person has commented on this thread. I won't disclose who as of yet as I don't want others to get 'discouraged', etc.

    Remember guys, everyone has a chance - it's not about your post count. It's about you as a person. Hell, you could have 50 posts and 20 of them HQ creating discussion, putting your opinions forward, etc.

    I just want this community to be more active, even though I have only just came back. But ultimately, I want to be able to have active discussions with fellow wrestling fans, so I see no better way but to 'motivate' others by gifting them an upgrade.
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  18. It's cool to see another return...hopefully you stay.
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  19. I hope to stay. I haven't been active on any forum for ages, so this is the first forum I've returned to. I am hoping to stick to this forum and staying active.
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  20. yeah hopefully more people get active so i can leave again jesus christ

    though when somebody goes down i'm on that injury reserve list
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