Who wants a pink name?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Will buy a pink name for 1 user in the next 45 minutes. Just post why you want it.
  2. I want it because I am your master and you shall obey what master says.
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    I want one because my mom, my dog, and my brother all have breast cancer. Spread the awareness man... I'm sorry I'm tearing up it's just SO EMOTIONAL and I just wish I could have it FOR THEM

    liek if u cri everytiem
  4. I want a pink name because I support breast cancer and I'm broke
  5. britanica wants a pink nickname because she has breasts and the pink username might help her breasts be more aware of people

    jon do you want my money i'm not using it
    I only use it to send people poems, raps or riddles.
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  6. :haha:
  7. You're mum wants a pink user name.
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  8. Ye sure bby
  9. Cause I don't want to spend my own money.
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  10. i'll also twerk
  11. Gimme the pink name! Why? Because it's whats best for business.
  12. You have a green name! You're just being greedy!!! :angry:
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  13. I would like one to support the end of breast cancer. Cancer is common within my family and I want to support the cause. I would pay myself, but I do not have enough WWEF cash yet,
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  14. Jono is the WWEF Santa Claus. Jonoclause strikes again.
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  15. Cause salmon is pink and I fish salmon.
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  16. Using random.org, it picked #4. Punk was the 4th actual entry, congrats @CM Punk
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  17. Breast Cancer, here I come.
  18. If he didn't have the userbar he could troll the fuck out of people talking shit about him not knowing he's a mod :dawg:
  19. :emoji_slight_frown: I was too late.
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