Who was better No.2!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, May 6, 2013.

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  1. This edition of Who Was Better will ask you the question of who was better between....

    The nWo and D-Generation X!
    Both stables revolutionised both company's and changed wrestling as it is today, With both holding legends and dozens of title reigns, Im asking you WHO WAS BETTER!​

  2. NWO by 5,000 miles. DX isn't even the #2 GOAT stable
  3. DX was great but is nothing compared with the nWo, the nWo made me stay tuned every week...
  4. Definitely nWo. It changed the landscape of wrestling as we knew it and forced the industry to change. Without nWo there would be no dX.
  5. nWo of course. Without the nWo, there wouldn't be a DX.
  6. The NWO. A more edgy Hulk Hogan and the whole presentation of the New World Order in general was the kind of stuff that helped give Vince the confidence to go with a more edgy product in general for the WWF. And while I haven't watched any of the DX DVDs, I'm guessing there wasn't anyone on there talking about how DX revolutionized the industry the way they did on the latest NWO DVD. Hogan's heel turn that officially formed the NWO is one of the most talked moments in wrestling history. It also allowed them to defeat WWF 84 weeks in a row and set a few records in WCW.
  7. nWo by miles. Not just because DX was created because of it, but because it made one of the biggest impacts on wrestling. You took the biggest wrestling star at the time, along with two other well known wrestlers, and have them turn on a company that was not even their own. That was intense, and it was huge, and it made WCW go over WWF easily with nWo.
  8. I'm not going to reiterate the painfully obvious that the nWo are easily superior however I find these threads tend to be a bit boring when subjectivity is completely removed from the discussion. So, to focus on just my personal thoughts on both stables and decide solely from the perspective a fan looking to be entertained . . . I wouldn't turn to either of these teams. Honestly, neither DX or nWo do it for me. Granted I have to watch most of this through the lens of someone looking back rather than someone experiencing it as it happens but really few things about the nWo scream something entertaining. First of all, I don't care for Hogan or Nash, never have & never will. They do nothing for me and most of the members they recruited didn't (until they recruited like half the entire roster . . . which is another thing, not the biggest fan of long-running massive stables). As for DX, meh. There was a time when I did really enjoyed them and I still get a few laughs over some of their segments but really meh. DX did have Shawn Michaels, which would probably give them the win on the sole fact that he's my favorite wrestler ever. So essentially, I liked DX better but both don't really do it for me today.
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