Who was the best player at the Euro's then?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Who impressed you the most? Who was consistently awesome?

    Pirlo comes to mind, as does Mario Balo, but I'm going to go with Iniesta myself.
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  3. Going to call you out. Pirlo had two decent games right? He wasn't seen vs Spain in the first game, done hardly anything against Croatia in the second game, played well against Ireland but Ireland fucking suck. Dominated England, dominated Germany but then flopped and was non-existent again in the final. In the England and Germany game it was noticeable that neither of those teams were tactically right against Italy.

    So, 2 games he was on fire, the rest he was pretty void. Not sure that warrants player of the tournament for me. Ozil was good every game, same with Iniesta and Alba/Ramos, even Gerrard.
  4. He was good in all of the games besides Spain, and he was still playing really well defensively, he just wasn't given the space and wasn't getting help from anyone to control the game like he had been offensively. One midfielder isn't going to be able to control the game against Spain the way they play. My thing is I'm not going to pick someone from Spain because IMO no one player from Spain was as important to their success as Pirlo was to Italy's. Hell even in the first game against Spain he made the play that created the goal. I think you are just holding the final against him, but when Spain is on like that there is nothing one guy can do.
  5. :boss: I don't need to say anything more.
  6. I hate it when you make up crap about why I have my opinion. Anyway, Pirlo wasn't there in any of the Spain games. Spain were poor against Italy in the first encounter so what excuse was there then? What did he do against Croatia Dolph in their 1-1 draw? Croatia besides Modric are grossly average in comparison to Italy. Against Ireland he played good but wasn't MOTM at all. Against England - the way we played - it was obvious Pirlo was going to shine. Anyone in that position imo could have shined, but obviously not as much since Pirlo is quality. Against Germany was the game I thought he was stunning. One game imo doesn't make player of the tourny.

    At least Uefa agree with my Iniesta pick (just got given player of the tourny). The more I think about it, the more I lean towards Ronaldo who literally carried his teams into the semis, on his own.
  7. All I said was 'I think'- and you do the same thing with things I say all the time you damn hypocrite. He made the play that gave them the draw against Spain the first time, and besides De Rossi was Italy's best player. He had an off game against Croatia, and a bad final. Anything else you say is just knitpicking. He tore your shitty team up and led a huge upset against Germany when he was the best player on the pitch along with Mario.

    CR is a fine shout, he was awesome. He and Pepe were the only Portuguese players doing shit.
  8. Who wouldn't have tore our shitty team up? Fucking hell you could have put Randy Savage in Pirlo's position and he would have torn us up. Pirlo IMO had 2 good games and the rest weren't bad. Fine tournament, fine player, but I do think CR was consistently better and his whole team was better for it. Great shout for Pepe, he hopefully has won over some of his haters. One of the best CB's in the world on his day when he isn't stamping on Messi's fingers.

    I also think Alba really should be a contender. Despite how good Spain are you can't simply dismiss their players because of that. Alba - at his age - was fucking awesome this tournament.
  9. Like I said a lot of Spanish players were great, but I wouldn't put them ahead of guys that had to shoulder more of the load for their respective teams. CR, Pirlo, Ozil IMO all were important to their teams. If I made an all Euros team half of them would probably be Spanish, but the pressure was never on one player from their team like it is others mentioned. CR knew if he had a bad day his team would lose. To a lesser extent Pirlo and Ozil as well. I only gave a nod to Pirlo over CR because he made the finals, but re-thinking it I'd give the edge to CR.. I shouldn't punish him for having to face Spain a round earlier than Pirlo did. Those two are a bit ahead of the rest of the field though, neck in neck with one another IMO. I'm not going to discredit Pirlo for playing England; he didn't choose the draw and he played a great game. He had the game of the tourney in the upset of the year against the team that up to that point had looked better than anyone. If his amazing performance had come in the group stage that's one thing, but in my book it counts a lot more when you put on the best performance of any player in the tourney in the semi-finals against the team he did it against. So for Pirlo you have: game 1 against Spain he played well, made the play to produce Italy's only goal. The other two games were an off match against Croatia and a good performance against Ireland. Then in the next two games he was undoubtedly the best player in the tourney over the quarter/semi-final stages. And a bad offensive showing against Spain, but let's face it, if he had played out of his mind it wouldn't have produced an Italy victory. They were just second best that day, which is no embarrassing result against one of the 2 or 3 best teams of all time.
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  10. Good post (although I wish you paragraphed it lmao). Liked it. I agree that there's probably less pressure on the Spanish midfield when you're amongst the goats of Iniesta and Xavi. That sounds silly I know but it's like defending, if you move into an organised defence with some awesome defenders your job is naturally easier and you feel safer - thus performing better. I don't see Fabregas worrying when he gives a bad pass to Xavi as you know he's going to control it and do what he wants with it.

    You're spot on about Ronaldo. He has a bad day = his team loses. It's as simple as that. Italy and Germany have other class players but both Ozil and Pirlo are both the stand outs (gutted for Italy giving Pirlo's age). Even with less pressure I think Iniesta was unbelievable. It must be hard being the best player every game when you play for Spain. Some of the things he done were just mesmerising - less pressure or not - sometimes you just need to give him the award for that. Like Messi, is Pappis Cisse a better striker than Messi for having to carry his team? No, Messi is still the GOAT despite having the best midfield in the world behind him.

    Great post.
  11. Yea I realized about halfway through that it was poorly structured and I had started rambling, but oh well lol
  12. Pirlo for me. He has had it all in this tournament. Great skill at that age. Hats off to him.
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