Who was the better giant ? Andre The Giant or The Big Show ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. It's hard to compare the two as they never actually had a confrontation one on one. So I only go off of them individually, Andre has more legendary status, as his height and weight was actually a sight to see, due to fact that he was around when wrestling wasn't overexposed like it is now, you didn't have the RAW's, Smackdown's and monthly pay per views every week like you do now. So whenever you saw Andre at WrestleMania that was actually a big deal. The Big Show is the opposite of Andre, he's the closest thing to him in terms of his height and weight but because the WWE is so overexposed, he doesn't feel as special as Andre did in his era. But physically Show can do the things that he couldn't do like drop kicks, elbow drops and can take bumps other than just body slams by Hulk Hogan. So physically The Big Show is better but Andre The Giant has him beat in terms of popularity.
  2. I...I can't really have an opinion as Andre was before time & the only footage
    I've seen of him...well...he can hardly move.

    The Big Show "realistically" should have been the most dominant wrestler in
    modern times...but that would have been fairly boring.

    I mean can imagine just having one guy at the top defeating everyone else?

    How lame would that be right?


    I'm going to pick Kane just to be an idiot.

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  3. Andre.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I just watched that HBO special on Andre the Giant. It's actually really good and u should check it out if u havent seen it. Andre wasn't always a slow fat shit beat down wrestler. I think they said by the time Wrestlemania III when he faced Hogan that he was already wrestling for 15 years at that point.
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  6. I didn't watch/see much of Andre but "larger than life" wise he was better but I think Big Show in his prime was more entertaining.

    I... Changed my mind. Kane in his prime was the best giant!
    Noooo HIS PRIME!
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  7. Andre the Giant obviously. He was a pretty good wrestler in his prime and he's the most legendary wrestler in history.
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    Andre was a better worker by far but was limited due to his illness... Big Show was more athletic, he could do moonsaults and stuff but WCW would not let him cause they said he was a "giant" and that's not what "giants" do... Both had really good careers and I think it's foolish to try to compare them.
  9. How come no one has mentioned Giant Gonzalez? [​IMG]
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  10. Because he was the worst giant in the history of wrestling next to the Yeti...
  11. Sure Big Show was way more athletic. But, why does that make him a better giant?

    Everything Andre did was over. Big Show on the other hand...

    People mistake that the more moves you do, the better professional wrestler you are. That could not be any further away from the truth. You can only do three moves and be more over than someone who does 100 moves (and vice versa).
  12. All I really want to know is how big was Andre the Giant actually? Cuz i hear mixed height and weights all the time. Maxing out usually at 7'4 and 550 lbs but that number seems super exaggerated cuz even next to Hogan he doesn't look all that much bigger and Hogan is an easy 6'7 290lbs
  13. He was 7ft tall according to most website, the thing with Andre was how big he was not much his height.