Who was the most over pushed wrestler in WWE history?

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  1. Who achieved so much more than their talent level allowed? For me personally it's the Ultimate Warrior he was a horrible worker, whose insane ramblings on the microphone provided so much accidental comedy. Sure he was charismatic and had a $1million dollar look but that was it. There was nothing to make a wrestler.
  2. Warrior was over as fuck bro.

    I'll say Great Khali. Him getting a job is disgraceful, but to actually get a main event push/World title reign? fuck all that noise, the dude can barely fucking walk and can't speak English
  3. Still doesn't change the fact he had 0 talent to justify him going over at the time the biggest wrestling icon. He was over but he couldn't wrestle or cut a promo to save his life.
  4. Him having the great look, great gimmick, and amazing charisma is enough to justify a push. Khali has nothing, along with others. Warrior's promos were also loved by a lot of people, even if you think they were entertaining for the wrong reasons, they were entertaining nonetheless.

    He wasn't technical at all in the ring, but he entertained people. Not all fans (see: most fans) put as much stock into technical in ring ability as the IWC tends to.
  5. Will it piss off Goldberg if I said him?
  6. It'd piss me off.

    He and Warrior are very similar and both worthy of pushes IMO
  7. Triple HHH and Hogan
  8. :pity:
  9. Controversial I know but at times both were rammed down our throats! The question is overpushed not what talent they had! I'd also add Cena too!
  10. I came into this thread & was going to say Ultimate Warrior. He never really deserved it imo, but that's a really arguable point.
  11. Triple Triple H.
  12. Yes @[Optimus] I knew you'd have my back on that one!
  13. To be fair he is a big draw in India so that's a possible reason for his push.
  14. Most over pushed stars were Alberto Del Rio and Khali,. Reasons are listed below, I base them on 2 factors: in-ring and mic skills.

    Alberto Del Rio
    Ring skills:I admit, Del Rio's ring skills aren't the problem here. He has average overall prowess and pace. That turnbuckle enziguri he does is pretty cool. Usually ending in a surprise arm bar.
    Mic Skills: This is the issue at hand. Put nicely, they are less than sub par. You could compare his mic work to Dolph and Vicki not too long ago, but without any underlying potential. Ricardo doing all of the work, when Del Rio did get mic time, it was boring and predictable.

    The Great Khali
    Ring skills: I can't stand to watch his matches because I feel bad for his opponent. Not because they are up against a monster, but because he is so clumsy and hard to work. His legs don't bend more than 75 degrees, he misses queue constantly, which creates botches galore. On top of that, hes heavy, not very maneuverable like Show, and just plain awkward.
    Mic skills: I will now share a quote from Rajin Singh out of an old issue of WWE Magazine:

    Interviewer: "What is it like being Khali's translator both in WWE and on the road?"
    Singh: You know, whether he is speaking English or Punjabi, it sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles."

    If that doesn't explain my point then all you have to do is listen to one of his... *ahem*... "promos"...

    That is all.
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  15. Fuck India and the camel it rode in on
  16. ADR definitely
  17. Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior might've been overpushed hard, but in the end their overness justified it.

    Khali was overpushed and he didn't even get that much of a reaction to that of Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior, nothing justifies the hell he put us through.
  18. I'd say Hogan and Goldberg,
  19. In my defense, I tried to execute original moves. No one really performed the jackhammer and spear wasn't that common. I acted like a monster for enthusiasm. The crowd enjoyed it, other superstars have similar characters. It may not necessarily be the monster gimmick, but everyone does have something they do to pump up the crowd and develop/show their character. As for the mic work, it was really due to my monster character, "monsters" in the WWE usually don't speak much. Sometimes more than others of course.
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