Who was the worst member of the NWO?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. This should make for a fun and interesting discussion hopefully. Who, out of all of the members of the NWO, where in your opinion the worst? Bagwell? Steiner? Wallstreet? Nick Patrick? Or one of the big dogs like Hogan, Nash or Hall even?

    Who in your opinion was the worst? Either from a pure talent perspective or worst fit.
  2. Russo/Bischoff.
  3. Sting in the Wolfpack was probably the worse fit, I get him wanting to take down team Hollywood but running with Nash seemed so counter sting.
  4. Aids. :jeritroll:
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  5. The Disciple.

    Of the big names (and I use big very loosely), I'd probably go with either Buff Bagwell or Disco Inferno.

  6. You mean Vincent? :otunga:

  7. Definitely Bagwell.
  8. :cry:
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  9. Scott Norton, Konnan or Stevie Ray
  10. Disco Inferno his style didn't fit the group.
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    Sting in the wolfpack I though was the most created with the red print and all! As for the wrost I would said Bret Hart making nWo 2000. Which we all know Bret Hart Career ended before the nWo 2000 could really start. 1 He hate the nWo in real life and he was the leader of nWo 2000 yet he never wear a nWo T-Shit he wear a Hartman T-Shit it made no sense!
  12. Fake Sting was pretty lame.
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    There's too many names that come to mind when I think of all the dead wood in the group that either didn't fit in or whose only contribution was standing around wearing an NWO shirt and saying/doing nothing of importance:

    Vincent (Virgil/Vincent was literally one of the most boring wrestlers/personalities to ever grace my screen)
    Scott Norton
    Disco Inferno (his gimmick didn't fit the rebellious nature and gang-mentality of the group)
    Jeff Jarrett (see above... although no one really remembers NWO 2000 anyway)
    Disciple (only got a spot in the group due to being Hogan's real-life buddy... what's funny is that they beat his ass at Hog Wild '96 when he first tried to join, but then later decided to accept him into the group anyway... OK)
    Stevie Ray
    Bret Hart (obviously not a bad performer on his own, but he was one of the worst additions for the simple fact that he had just garnered a bunch of sympathy months before due to the Montreal Screw Job, and now they're trying to force a heel turn down people's throats by making him the 67th member of the NWO. Never mind that his heel turn was one of the worst written and most nonsensical heel turns in wrestling history. If my mind recalls correctly, he said was that he hated Hogan, but because he hated Savage more for some reason, he was willing to join up with Hogan, his second worst enemy, just to do battle with his worst enemy. Of course, no explanation was given as to why he hated either man, and there was nothing left for us to fill in the blank ourselves since they had no on-screen hatred for one another stemming from their old WWF days together.)

    IMO, Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Nick Patrick, Scott Steiner, Konnan and Imposter Sting were all great additions.
  14. Horace Hogan,Harris boys.
  15. I'll assume you're taking about all incarnations of the NWO, including NWO Japan and Wolfpac.

    I'll just list all the members i think were terrible, or looked like they didn't belong in the faction.

    Nick Patrick
    Michael Wallstreet
    Dennis Rodman (Bitch, please)
    Horace Hogan
    Mark Johnson
    Ron and Don Harris
  16. Bagwell, Buff Bagwell.
  17. You can almost pick any wcw superstar because they were all in it.
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  18. Buff Bagwell. Also bitches, please. Disco Inferno is great, no matter where you stick him.
    It's probably true, but with that crew? Thanks for the compliment.
  19. Virgil/Vincent
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