Who was WWE champion when you were born?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. I was born in August of 1990. So I get the Warrior.
  2. I was born in August of 1995, so I get Diesel.
  3. February of 1999, so I get The Rock. just putting my brahma bull up your ass
  4. Bret Hart here.
  5. Bob Backlund
  6. I was born the month of the inaugural Survivor Series (November of '87), so Hogan still had his four-year title reign going on when I was born (even though it would only last a few more months at that point.) Damn, that makes me feel old.
  7. Bret Hart. (Dec 95)
  8. Born in 85, so Hogan.
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  9. Hogan held it in the month of 1991 when I was born.
  10. I was born the month before John Bonham died. Sad, but it makes sense because the Earth couldn't hold two bad-asses of our caliber simultaneously.
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  11. August 87= Hulkamania Brother!
  12. Buddy Rogers
  13. Hogan :okay:
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  14. Bret Hitman Hart
  15. Shawn Michaels
  16. You gonna put the right answer up?

    Mine is December 1976 - Bruno Sammartino
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  17. June 90, so Warrior!
  18. Pedro Morales (yes i am old)
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