Who Watches Toonami

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Roadster, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. D'Z suggested this so i made it. Vote
  2. I don't have cable
  3. First off, no because Toonami is absolute shit that only airs the shitty mainstream animes that no one gives two fucks about.

    Secondly, I live in Japan for the most part, so I get to watch whatever anime I want to watch on TV, and those ones are actually good.
  4. I watched it when it actually use to be a channel here. Was a shame when they replaced it was "Cartoon Network too" was a decent channel back in the day.
  5. *waiting for Gohan's reply*
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  6. Hey Nero does most people in Japan use Anime for a term for all type of animation? And are you looking forward to any particular show for the Spring season?

    Don't get Toonami in Australia
  7. Uh? It on Adult Swim! And yes I watch it do a toonami review every week on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Gohan6425 i posted fourm as well every week as a thread. Don't fuckin learing to that troller nero she does not she talking about! Toonami is a great source for Anime in the USA! And show great anime!
  8. When I was like 8-12 but ever since then nah.
  9. He lives in Britain genius. Also Toonami doesn't air half the shit that we get over here in the homeland of Nippon.
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  10. don't have that either. Not that I care, I watch everything online now.
  11. Used to be over here....Used to show stuff like Pokemon, Code Lyoko....I forgot the rest...Toonami was forgettable.
    They replaced it with a Cartoon Network Too, which is shitty....

    Why watch Toonami now when we have Internet to watch a Larger Library of Anime's while Toonami have a small library of them.
  12. I'd imagine quality issues. Then again, we get full HD shows over here :>, and I don't have to pay for it (in reference to a subscription based site for HD animes rather than the lack of HD free sites.
  13. Well, there's no station in the UK (That I know of, Someone may have to update me on this) that have any Anime on it. I usually watch it on my Computer (Or On My Phone, Which I'm doing with Danganronpa atm).
  14. Well everything gets aired over here originally so I'm happy. And ew danganronpa.
  15. Hey, I like it...Plus I'm busy this time at the year, so I secluded myself to short series...Really want to start watching Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan....Will have to wait for a few weeks until my Exams are done.
  16. Don't watch either KLK or SNK. Both suck and are overrated, also short series are fine if they're good.
  17. Meh, We all have Opinions...
    I'll have to watch them for myself to gain my own one.

    Recommend me an Anime, Nero.
  18. Depends on your genre of preference.
  19. Action and Comedy are my Main Genre's...
  20. Action's dying slowly or overdone, and most comedies are good but too repetitive. For a good original recent comedy, I recommend のんのんびより, or Non Non Biyori.
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