Who, Why, and How would you re-gimmick any current WWE Wrestler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Seth, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. I have read on here that there some wrestlers whose gimmick doesn't fit them, have been played out, or make zero sense and people wish they get a new gimmick. A prime example of this is Sasha Banks who some feel her "Boss" gimmick doesn't work or make no sense. So I ask you, the fine people of this forum, Who would you re-gimmick, How would you re-gimmick them, and Why would you re-gimmick them.
  2. No one comes to mind. Apart from Bray. But I think they have already done that with the WOKEN Matt alliance.
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  3. Bray is a good example like Redboy said, but this Woken thing is a start of something different.

    I would also make Bayley a more serious character.. This hugging bullshit needs to end.
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  4. When Dean Ambrose returns he should shave his entire head and face. No hair, eyebrows, facial hair. It would make his lunatic character more believable
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  5. I want to see this.
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  6. It would be so good. They really should of used his injury to form a new character. In stead of getting injuried and being written off TV, they should of said he had a nervous breakdown. They could of made vignettes of him in like a psych ward talking nonsense gibberish in a padded room. He comes back with a straitjacket and acts like a real lunatic lol
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  7. Liv Morgan. She has two things, Harley Quinn make up and a New England attitude. That's litteraly Alexa Bliss and Carmella smashed together, and since they pull off their respective rolls far better it makes Morgan look far worse in comparison
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  8. Roman Reigns for god sakes. Lose the super man punch and the spear, new ring gear, and a haircut.

    I don’t know what his new persona should be, but I think it’s fixable.

    Truth is though, he gets a big reaction. Doesn’t matter if it’s cheers or boos when it’s that big of a reaction.
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  9. Okay...you guys ready for this?

    A Corporate sell out heel teaming with Stephanie...
    much like Seth Rollins did a few years ago which
    would of course lead to a Ronda/Bayley match
    down the line.

    Dana Brooke:
    The woman is a professional body builder...so let
    her be a bodybuilder. Possibly give her a "fitness
    trainer" angle with Liv Morgan & let her incorporate
    some of her routine into her in-ring work.

    Liv Morgan:
    Just let her be a face again...no more Riott Squad.

    Nia Jax:
    Just give the woman new music & some new ring
    attire that doesn't look like garbage bags.

    Sarah Logan:
    It maybe just because she's Southern...but perhaps
    align her with the Woken Warriors? I could she her
    being something special if given the right role to play.

    I'm talking about Sister Abigail of course.

    Honestly...I think they should have Asuka start worshiping
    a Kitsune Goddess...possibly to lead to her turning into a
    full psychotic heel.


    Becky Lynch:
    Have Killian Dain try to "convince" Becky to join
    SAni†Y...and eventually she does, turning heel
    and filling the spot left by Nikki Cross staying
    in NXT.

    A chaos fueled Becky Lynch would at least be
    interesting and give her a chance to show some
    range as a performer. She should also start doing
    the Pentagon Jr. arm snapping shtick.

    Heel turn...

    Mandy Rose:
    Move Goldust to SDL & have Mandy become his
    "Leading Lady" as Goldie becomes her manager.
    Have Mandy start wearing the face paint, using
    Goldie's entrance music & copying some of his
    in-ring moves.


    Have Mandy become Rosedust...a female version
    of the Goldust character. It would at least allow
    for some character development & make Mandy
    more than Trish Stratus 3.0.

    Sonya Deville:
    Paige's personal bodyguard? I don't know.

    And I'm Done...
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