Who Will Be A Main Eventer Again? (Spoiler)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Captain of Peepulation, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Well nice for Miz. But why they dont make Kofi a ME? Why a top MC?
  2. Good, so he didn't drop the IC for futile reasons such as promoting Main Event as an important show or for the fact that WWE's retarded, there's a reason behind it. Very happy to know it. Kofi isn't ready to become a main eventer yet I think. I believe that if they put him in serious, long feuds during this reign he'll evolve enough as a character and on the microphone to become a main eventer in the future.
  3. Not ready? He is great in ring and he could be a Main Eventer after his feud against Orton in 2009 but no, they didnt let him. He just become the Midcarder Cena. Winning all Midcard titles but not reaching to Main Event status. All they have to do turn heel for Kofi!
  4. Very good news for The Miz it would seem.
  5. I don't mean ready as in he's not good enough yet (only needs to work on the mic a bit imo), I mean kayfabe wise, let's say. He's been floating around the midcard for quite a while now, he can't be catapulted into the ME out of nowhere, this normally doesn't work. What I mean is that this IC title reign, if booked correctly, could be a stepping stone for him on his way to the main event in which I think he'll belong in a while from now.
  6. Crayo will be happy.
  7. Me too, I'm a Mizfit
  8. Yes. They had this chance twice. His feud against Orton and when he split up with R-Truth. He could have a heel turn.
  9. So am I. :vince:
  10. I like seeing Kofi more aggressive than he normally is, I don't think he should turn heel though. What they should've done to split him up with Truth would be to turn Ron heel. Although I think there's still time to have Truth turn on Kofi and make a good feud between them.
  11. In my opinion Kofi won't work as a heel. When I look at Kofi I see Ricky Steamboat, the career face with great in ring matches.
  12. He is 32. Truth is 40 or 41. They need to have a rise for Kofi. Kofi is not good at mic. If he turns heel, he can be better.
  13. Turning someone heel does not equal that they become better on the mic. Turning Kofi heel I think would hinder him instead
  14. Yeah, turning Kofi would force him to work with a style that is opposite to the one he excels in (energetic, high flying style), and doesn't mean he'll get better on the mic. Of course, in a feud between them Kofi would go over Truth cleanly in the end.
  15. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbQcXE59eDk[/yt]

    I see a fair bit of money on him attempting to rebuild America tbh, just can see people getting against it.
  16. Kofi was in Captain Planet?
  17. It can make better generally. It is easier to talk trash rather than talking about how good crowd is. At least WWE can give it a try.
  18. Awesome (unintended). I said he dropped the IC title either for fucking up backstage or to get put back in the main event, and according to this report -- which I'm still sceptical over -- he might just go back to where he belongs.
  19. awesome!!!!
  20. Meh. Miz annoys me. Good for him though... I guess
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